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marijuana grower resume

Marijuana grower resume

Aside from that, as a marijuana grower it is in your best interest to talk about yields and other successes you have had in the form of statistics and numbers. If you’ve been in the industry long enough, and you’re any good at your job, you should easily be able to boast about “increasing yield 30% over the previous year” or other such accomplishments. And if you’re new to the industry, then your marijuana grower resume has to show that you have an abundance of “artisanal” growing experience, and that above all you are passionate and willing to learn.

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List of Marijuana Grower Jobs

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Marijuana grower resume

A Grower is hired to take charge of managing the crop growing operations at various plant cultivation and Greenhouse facilities. The job description entails caring for the greenhouse, plant cultivation, propagation, and protection. The Grower Resume mentions the following activities which are carried out on a day-to-day basis – identifying the plants and their problems; planning and coordinating all activities of workers; propagating and cultivating a variety of crops and vegetables; training workers, ensuring the labor quality meets the company standards; monitoring pest and disease levels; and inspecting facilities for signs of repair, defects, and damages.

Grower Resume

The qualifications relevant to the job include the following – knowledge of plants and their related problem identification skills; familiarity with propagation, cultivation, harvesting, and packing processes; and strong communication skills. Knowledge of relevant software and a valid driver’s license is also required. Successful resumes mention a degree in agriculture business or agriculture science or the related.

Summary : Obtain a career with a stable and progressive company in the horticulture industry where can utilize management and my growing skills.