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marijuana growing containers

Marijuana growing containers

If you are an MMJ cardholder in a legal state, you might have the chance to cultivate cannabis at home. Indoor growing requires planning, however. Ideally, you will only need to dedicate a small space to your plants.

What Is Container Gardening?

Incidentally, if you’re growing a single plant in a pot indoors, you’ll need a way to catch water drainage. Keep the container on a tray or plate to catch the run-off.

Learn How to Pot and Transplant Correctly

Don’t Re-Use Potting Soil: Although you might think you’re recycling by using your potting mix again, it’s not a good idea. First of all, all the soil nutrients are gone because the previous crop has used them. Secondly, plant pathogens can lurk in the soil, damaging your new crop.

Marijuana growing containers

6-8 gallon container

Helps prevent plants from getting “root-bound” via “air-pruning” from the sides

For new seedlings you should give water in a small circle around the plant instead of saturating the whole container.

How much grow medium to get?

If you’re using a Smart Pot (fabric pot) or any container that lets in oxygen from the sides, you’ll get faster growth than a hard-sided container. However you will also need to water your plants more often since the soil will dry out more quickly.

When done right, there’s no need for bottled nutrients or adjusting pH

I found the “Bucket Head” attachment at Home Depot which costs about $25 and can be attached to any standard bucket, turning it into an ultra-cheap wet/dry vacuum.