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marijuana growing games

Marijuana growing games

Weed Firm 2: Back to College is a fun weed and mushrooms cultivation game

The older PC gamers amongst you might remember Dope Wars, a fun and super-addictive buying and selling game which decades ago provided many people with great moments. Dope Wars is not a game particularly focused on cannabis (although there is a Weed Edition), but we had to mention it in this article. Its simple but well-rounded game system allows you to buy all types of drugs in different cities and neighbourhoods. Your mission is to find the best deals, buying everything as cheap as possible, and selling at the highest price.

Weed Firm 2: Back to College

In keeping with the growing and selling topic, Bud Farm Grass Roots is already a classic in this category, with close to 550.000 downloads in Google Play. Developed by LDRLY, in this game you must organize the growing (you will be able to choose between 15 different strains) and provide a quality product to your customers, who soon will also demand all kinds of cannabis edibles, for which you’ll have to unlock different buildings.

Weed Match 3 Candy Jewel is free, although the app includes optional purchases. Will you manage to complete all levels?

Weed Match 3 Candy Jewel

Dope Wars Classic by Olivier Dupont takes us to the original and addictive Dope Wars

Make Money & Generate Profit
•Manage the dispensary and sell your hemp products
•Supply your exclusive clientele or fill orders at Weed on Wheels
•Grow net worth, invest your earnings in local businesses and real estate
•Renovate buildings, fix the streets, build your cannabis empire

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Create Cannabis Products
•Bake cookies, brownies, and other weed infused goodies!
•Craft hash, kief, shatter, rosin, oils, and other marijuana concentrates
•Breed hybrid strains to make strong, high yielding tasty buds
•Push your goods, trade and sell weed for profit

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Edit; I emailed Andrew, and he was super helpful and kept in communication the whole time he was trying to resolve the issue. I feel that he went above my expectations to make sure I was satisfied with the resolution and I deeply appreciate it, considering the bad taste I had in my mouth for the support efforts. Overall, I’m glad that I decided to stay!