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marijuana growing tools

Marijuana growing tools

No worries! Broken stems that are given a ‘tape-cast’ will heal within a week or two as long as the wounded parts are held closely together.

Similar to twist tie, a tape-cast that’s on too tight can limit the growth of the stem above the cast. Make sure that you check broken stems regularly and remove the tape once it’s no longer needed.

Plant Twist Tie

Cannabis is a very hardy plant and it’s capable of bouncing back from lots of stress and damage. However, this can work against growers as a stem that’s broken and not set right will heal in the position it’s left in. In such a case, a grower can lose the top half of the broken stem when it could’ve been recovered.

Get the Tools That Make Growing Easier!

Tape (Scotch, Duct, Electrical, Painters, Masking)

Rope ratchets are self-locking pulleys that make moving your grow lights about 100X easier. Instead of having to untie the rope, move your light, and re-tie rope at the new position (all while possibly dropping equipment), you can make minor or major height adjustments with very little effort. I also use them to lift heavy objects like carbon filters instead of trying to lift them myself.

Marijuana growing tools

Grow room lights are notoriously bad for human eyes. Although cannabis loves the UV spectrum of light, this frequency can cause serious damage to human eyes, especially after repeated exposure. Plus, intense grow room lighting can make it difficult to see evidence of disease and pests on your plants – even if you are looking for them.

Grow Room Glasses

Wet or dry – this pair of scissors makes trimming feel good, even after long hours crunched over a harvest. The blades stay sharp, they are coated to avoid build-up, and the handle bounces back after each snip.

Curved Tip Trimming Scissors

A kief collector tray ensures none of the valuable crystals are lost during trimming. The tray sits comfortably on lap or tabletop, making the long hours spent polishing your harvest convenient and even enjoyable.