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marijuana outdoor grower’s guide

Marijuana outdoor grower's guide

I’ve always enjoyed Ed’s columns and blog posts. I think I’ll stick with those and keep looking for my ideal grow book. . more

Contains useful information, not extremely technical, doesn't require a PHD for proper comprehension. Since I already have one, it's OK. 4stars

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Despite the cover and glossy pictures of Cannabis, this book is chock full of Psychopharmacology, Ethnobotany, Neuroscience, Horticulture, American Anthropology and even Political Science! One does NOT NEED to "grow Cannabis" to learn a _lot_ from this book! Don't let the cover fool you.

Marijuana outdoor grower's guide

Outdoor cultivators take what Mother Nature gives them and turn it into the best possible harvest. Many cannabis consumers prefer marijuana grown outdoors under the full spectrum of natural sunlight. That unique spectrum creates a greater variance of cannabinoids and terpenes than artificial lighting.

How to grow marijuana outdoors

Deciding whether to start with seeds or clones will change the timing and manner by which your plants are introduced to the outdoors.

Planning your garden

Some cannabis genetics have adapted to specific climates and are capable of growing more easily in certain conditions than others, so pay very close attention to the cultivars, or strains, that you choose. A little research will go a long way in ensuring you have a successful harvest.