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marijuana seed finder

Marijuana seed finder

Don't know what you want? Submit what strains you have liked and what you are looking for and MJ Grove will find you a new favorite seed. MJ Grove puts the customer first. That includes finding seeds specifically tailored for you.

The cannabis seed finder is a way that you and MJ Grove can work together to get the products you want. Many companies offer only what is on their website. At MJ Grove we strive to be different and offer everything you want and more. If you have always wanted to try a specific strain then let our detectives get to work. We will find you what you want!

The Seed Finder sets MJ Grove apart. We want to put the customer first and that is what we are going to do! Allowing us the opportunity to supply you the perfect match of cannabis genetics is just one way we will always put the customer first.

Born out of coffee-shop Voyagers in Amsterdam, Pheno Finder Seeds is a team of growers and breeders from Holland, Spain and the USA. Their mission is to provide you the finest cannabis seed strains and most sought after phenos of new and classic strains in seed form. Multiple Cannabis Cup winners in Amsterdam, Spain, Canary Islands and 1st place in the Cannabis World Cup in Jamaica.

PureSativa – Official UK and Europe Cannabis Seed Wholesale Distributor for Pheno Finder Seeds.