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materials needed to grow cannabis indoors

Materials needed to grow cannabis indoors

Now, if you’re growing in soil smart pots are great to start with.

Now, if you’re growing in regular soil, you’ll definitely need a good set of quality nutrients.

Next up we have…

7. Thermometer

Now you need to know how to set up your growing space…

Here’s how you hang your fan:

5. Pots & Buckets

So as a general rule of thumb:

How you ensure the quality of your seeds is by buying them from a reputable seedbank with lots of positive and trusted reviews.

Materials needed to grow cannabis indoors

The extraction fan may break due to overexertion and your plants may get sick due to breathing old, stale air – you may even have some problems yourself, as the smell will begin to build up and depending on the legality of your situation, the police may get involved. Remember that your odor filter should always be slightly stronger than your extraction fan when it comes to m 3 /h.

This calculation allows you to keep the temperature in your grow room at a 4C° difference compared to the outdoor temperature. If you’re taking in 20C° air, your grow room will stay at 24C°.

In order to grow cannabis indoors, your plants need absolutely no light during their “night time” which is why it’s incredibly important to use a grow tent or set up a wardrobe so that no light can get it, or even better, a whole room – but this can be a daunting task.

This calculation is done by taking into account the temperature outside your grow room and your lamp strength. In this example, the temperature is 20° and the lighting system is 600w:


When you grow cannabis indoors the biggest giveaway is usually the intense aroma that cannabis plants let off during their flowering period. If you don’t want anyone calling the cops on you, we highly recommend installing an odor filter of some sort.

Shopping lists are highly recommended so that you don’t end up spending more than you need to spend on unnecessary or expensive things. If you take your time to have a look at the current market and options, you can save quite a lot.

There’s a longer list with more things that we didn’t mention, as they are usually things that everyone has at home anyway, such as duct tape, clamps, screwdrivers and other bits and bobs.

5- Carbon filter for indoor growing / scrubber

LEC lighting:

You need to calculate the amount of space you’ll need while also keeping in mind the fact that you’ll need to be able to move about and get to your plants and devices. You’ll also need to think about where you want to place the intake and outtake lines for your extraction fan.

Materials needed to grow cannabis indoors

There is obviously no obligation to do so, but if you do need seeds, his store is really good and he runs a lot of sales, so you might as well repay him for making his grow guide free.

You will also want to put the lights on a timer, if your fixture does not have a built-in timer. That way you can schedule the lights to come on and switch off at certain times everyday, to mimic the natural daylight conditions plants would face outdoors.

Even if you can grow legally in your area, it is still a good idea to let as few people as possible know that you are growing. For that reason, I highly recommend you invest in a charcoal filter to rid the exhaust from your grow room of any odor.

For people in the US, the best place to get seeds is from an overseas seed bank. Buying from one in the US is slightly riskier, because growing weed is a federal crime. Is it illegal to send seeds in the mail?

Book Or Course On Growing (Optional, But Available Free)

I’d save myself the hassle and just avoid them at this point, unless you already have experience in growing with HID. In that case, I say “why change what’s working?”, but I doubt anyone with a lot of experience is reading this article anyway.

It could be a closet, a basement, a shipping container, a warehouse, or just about any other space you can imagine.

Why are there so many things to think about and why do I need so much equipment?

Grow Lights

Robert Bergman gives his excellent Marijuana Grow Bible away for free, because he also runs a great online seed store and he hopes you will end up purchasing your seeds from him.

If you are just starting out, there is a ton of information to digest. I have a brief guide on growing weed indoors here, but the best way to get going and avoid the most common mistakes is with a comprehensive guide that takes you through everything.