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med grow cannabis college

Med grow cannabis college

Marijuana companies want people capable of selling as much weed as possible. It is unlikely that you will learn this from a two-hour online course! You have a better chance of earning employment by gaining experience by any (legal) means necessary.

Business of Cannabis Cultivation

Here is a look at the Trichome Institute’s courses:

Do an online search for the “best online marijuana schools,” and Oaksterdam University is among the first results. Founded in 2007, the Oakland, California-based institution is the self-proclaimed “first cannabis college in the US.” It claims “educational roots dating back to 1995.” Most of its courses are centered around growing and professional cannabis horticulture. It also offers classes both online and in-person.


Cannabis Budtender Certification

There are thousands of applicants looking for ways to improve their resume in the hopes of increasing their appeal to prospective employers. What’s the typical assumption when it comes to boosting qualifications for a specific job description? Go to school and get certified for it, of course.

In summation, online cannabis education schools can provide you with new insight and knowledge into the industry. However, the certificates you earn are unlikely to boost your employability significantly. Overall, your best chance of landing a job in the marijuana sector is to gain some practical experience.

CONS of Oaksterdam University:

$600 + 3% Merchant Processing Fee

Estimated exam time is 2.5 hours

“I fix their meals, and I help with housekeeping,” Ms. Maxwell said. “I have an 85-year-old lady who has no appetite. I don’t know if she’d have any interest in medical marijuana, but I bet it would help her.”

Even though the business of growing medical marijuana is legal under Michigan’s new law, there is enough nervousness about the enterprise that most students at a recent class did not want their names or photographs used. An instructor also asked not to be identified.

Scott Austin, an unemployed 41-year-old student, said he and two partners were planning to go into medical marijuana together.

The six-week, $485 primer on medical marijuana is a cross between an agricultural extension class covering the growing cycle, nutrients and light requirements (“It’s harvest time when half the trichomes have turned amber and half are white”) and a gathering of serious potheads, sharing stories of their best highs (“Smoke that and you are . medicated!”).

On a recent Tuesday, two teachers led a four-hour class, starting with Todd Alton, a botanist who provided no tasting samples as he talked the students through a list of cannabis recipes, including crockpot cannabutter, chocolate canna-ganache and greenies (the cannabis alternative to brownies).

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — At most colleges, marijuana is very much an extracurricular matter. But at Med Grow Cannabis College, marijuana is the curriculum: the history, the horticulture and the legal how-to’s of Michigan’s new medical marijuana program.

Ms. Maxwell said her plan to grow marijuana was slow in hatching.

Mr. Tennant said he saw the school as the hub of a larger business that will sell supplies to its graduate medical marijuana growers, offer workshops and provide a network for both patient and caregiver referrals. Already, Med Grow is a gathering place for those interested in medical marijuana. The whiteboard in the reception room lists names and numbers of several patients looking for caregivers, and a caregiver looking for patients.

Students say they are getting all kinds of extra help and ideas from going to class.