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mega jackpot seeds

Mega jackpot seeds

10 Mega JackPot feminized seeds $171 (approx. €127 or £104)

Mega Jackpot also has powerful medicinal effects: good for anxiety and insomnia and also nausea, chronic pain, migraines, and more.

Popular with commercial growers, Mega JackPot feminized seeds grow quickly into large plants, with thick stalks, strong branches, big buds, and lots of them.

Mega JackPot feminized seeds are thus a good choice both for commercial growers and those looking to grow for medical use.

Mega JackPot feminized seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors and, with a flowering time of 9-11 weeks, you can harvest outdoors in October.

The same disclaimer detailed here applies to the free marijuana seeds in addition to your acquisition of Mega JackPot feminised seeds or other marijuana seed strains.

We do not claim to be knowledgeable in cannabis legislation universally. If you have concerns regarding legislation regarding marijuana cultivation where you live you might want to contact the appropriate authorities for clarification.

This strain is great for growing as its super sturdy, though the plants do take up quite a bit of room. Mega Jackpot plants are always very bushy and very tall, with a thick stalk and branches. This one is gorgeous too and can be recognized by its dark green and purple buds.

Mega Jackpot seeds are absolutely out of this world and they truly will make you feel like you’ve just one the lottery. This strain is wonderful for growers too as it incredibly hardy and strong. Why not give it a try today?

Have you ever gambled and thought yourself as the mega jackpot winner? Well, this analogy won’t apply here as you won’t be gambling with your cash when you buy the Mega Jackpot feminized seeds online. This pretty dope is sturdy, unbeatable in terms of yields, and does well regardless of where she gets cultivated. Importantly, if you are a commercial weed grower, think of Mega Jackpot Fem for the most substantial yields.

Is it easy or hard to grow?

Our Mega Jackpot weed has impressive genetics, being a sativa-heavy hybrid related to the famous Northern Lights, Jack Herer, and Big Bud. We’d argue that this strain has one of the best tasting flavors around, with its potent grape aroma and vanilla undertones. As well as tasting and smelling good, Mega Jackpot offers lovely, blissful effects that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

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Important information about this strain

Mega Jackpot may not be the easiest to grow but she will make experiences growers very, very happy. If growing this one indoors you can expect around 600 grams per plant and 750 grams per plant if growing outside. With a flowering time of 11 weeks, Mega Jackpot is worth the wait for the very generous yield that you’ll receive.

Smoking Mega Jackpot weed is unbelievably fun. It allows you to have a good time while still being able to remain functional. It’s an active high more than anything, perfect for artists or people who have some errands to run but want to have fun while doing so. Its also an excellent party strain!