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member berry seeds

Member berry seeds

• Available in either 5 or 10 AlphaFem™ Seeds

Colin OG Rbx

• Total Cannabinoids: 30%

Ethos Cookies #16 aka “The Krux” Multipack

2) PURPLE MAJIK x EC #16 – 9 Weeks

Member berry seeds

Another Ethos grow from 2018. 24 seeds sprouted and placed in 4 gallon pots of Pro-Mix Bx, lime and perlite. Fertilizer was Botanicare Pure Blend Pro with added Cal/Mag as necessary. Reverse Osmosis water only, pH'd to 6.3 thru the entire grow. The lighting was two 1000 watt HPS.

How Much Does Member Berry Stretch?

At 70 days, I probably cut these a bit sooner than I should have, they could have used more time. The top cola's were getting so large, it was becoming an issue with things falling over, even though most were staked. These PACKED ON weight thru the grow, Trichomes were 5% clear and 95% cloudy- no amber was evident. I kept clipping off samples to smoke, after quick drying them in a food dehydrator. The Mandarin Sunset parents lends hermies to the hybrid, so I didn't want to go too long.

Drying, Trimming and Curing Member Berry

The large buds were hung, the smaller stuff was dried on a screen. They took longer to dry than normal, as the main cola were monsters. Around day 12, they were placed in tubs and cured for over 2 weeks.