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ministry of cannabis seeds

Ministry of cannabis seeds

Feminized seeds are female seeds, and would only grow as a female plant. These types of seeds are more sought after than their regular counterparts and as such Ministry of Cannabis do not produce regular strain versions.

The company has its own in-house breeders and is the creator of several well known (and well-loved) strains such as Zensation and Carnival. While these two are relatively new strains, they have rapidly become regulars at dispensaries as well as a popular choice for people looking to buy quality weed seeds online.

The Ministry of Cannabis seed bank has become renowned for its strain and seed innovation- whether it’s breeding, research, or development, the Ministry of Cannabis has been making waves in the cannabis industry and its sea of uncertainty.

Best Feminised Seeds for Sale Online

The Ministry of Cannabis was not founded in a Harry Potter book, but it was founded in the equally popular city we all love and know; Amsterdam 13 years ago in 2007. Today, however, the cannabis seed powerhouse has moved its headquarters to Barcelona, Spain.

Yes, it is difficult to single out just one cannabis seed bank to get your weed seed supply stocked up, but how do you know which the best cannabis seed company is? The answer is more straightforward than you may realize.

The ‘founding fathers’ of the Ministry of Cannabis have been in the industry for around fifteen years, and as such, have accumulated vast experience with the industry’s leading breeders and cultivators.

The Mission

One characteristic that sets this cannabis seed company at the forefront of the industry is their commitment to excellent customer service and offer personal attention to both the buyer at home as well as larger commercial cultivators.

Big Bud XXL is an indica dominant strain that carries 80% indica and 20% sativa. This strain has become a favorite amongst the cannabis community due to its high resistance to stress, and high-quality yields. When growing this strain, you will appreciate the rapid flowering time (7-8 weeks), and the 1kg average yield per plant should leave you smiling.

Ministry of cannabis seeds

Ministry of Cannabis ships to all global destinations. There is a very short list of terms and conditions, which you should read before ordering. It contains information and disclaimers on seed viability and liability. If you have any doubts as to the legality of growing cannabis in your domicile country, please refer to your local, state and federal regulations.

These guys have been in business a long time, and have a solid social media presence as well. They offer several ways to get in touch with them, and promise to respond within 24 hours. You can contact them via a contact form on their site, or directly by telephone at the number in the header of their page. They are quite active on their social platforms as well, so it is easy to see that there are actual people at the other end of their internet portal. Customer satisfaction is high, according to recent reviews and forum comments, and by all accounts they deliver on all their promises. Highly recommended.

There will be no reference to cannabis on any of the packaging. When you order off the website, only the available shipping methods for your country will be shown. It is as secure as it can be, private and discreet to assure your peace of mind. Your credit card statement will not show the order coming from Ministry of Cannabis. They do not state the name of the company they will show, but do guarantee it will be completely discreet.
For more information: Ministry of Cannabis Shipping Information Page.

Delivering the Goods

Varieties like White Widow and Northern Lights are offered alongside their own hybrids, such as Zensation, Carnival and Hay-Z. Whether you’re into sativa or indica, or like to mix it up a bit, Ministry of Cannabis always has something for you. They even offer wholesale pricing for distributors all over the world, all the better to share the green love. Their mixed packages offer great value (six seeds per package in a mixed box), and provide you with a variety of feminized seeds that are tailored to your tastes. Though their selection may not be as vast as some seed banks, the varieties they offer are handpicked to represent the best of the best, no matter what sort of stone you are after.
Feminized Seeds by Ministry of Cannabis.
Autoflower Seeds by Ministry of Cannabis.

Ministry of Cannabis website is super easy to navigate and full of useful information. Each variety is well documented with information on yields, THC and CBD content, grow times and more. If you have any questions, they are almost guaranteed to be answered in a clear, concise and informative manner. The design of the site is clean and modern, and it is completely responsive for viewing and ordering from your mobile device.

Ministry of Cannabis Website

In 2008, Ministry of Cannabis introduced autoflowering varieties in regular and feminized form, and since 2009, their seed selection is 100% feminized to meet popular demand. Passionate about making the world greener, one plant at a time, they put a particular focus on customer service, and will always go the extra mile to provide each client with the kind of personal attention they need. Whether for large commercial growers, medical marijuana growers or hobbyists, Ministry of Cannabis has a pot seed solution for you.

Whatever you are looking for on the site, it is easy to find and well laid out. No busy, worthless pages full of junk or rehashed information: everything here has value. They provide excellent resources for newbies too, so if you’re interested in how to get growing, this is a good launching pad. They also post informative blogs and articles that their users and customers might find to be of interest. Check it out, there is literally hours of fun to be had.