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miracle gro seed starting potting mix for weed

Miracle gro seed starting potting mix for weed

So I bought a bag of miracle gro seed starter mix. It’s just peat moss, so I thought. I germinated 2 seed, paper towel method. when they sprouted a tap root, I put them into solo cups with a 50/50 mix of perlite and seed starter mix. Both of the seeds made it to the top of the soil then stopped before the husks came off. And they just stayed there. So, being the curious person that I am, I gently pulled the seedlings out of the medium. They came right up. No resistance at all! When I looked at the tap roots, the ends were curled up and did not look happy. Now I was really curious, so I looked at the bag of starter peat moss, and low and behold, the stuff is enriched with miracle gro food. So this just leads me to believe that the SEED starter "mix" is too hot for the seedlings. WTF. has anyone else had any experience with this stuff? I have 2 more seeds germinating now and they will be going into a 50/50 coco/perlite mix this time. I already have 2 in there that just started veg. About 3 weeks old and started the training on them last night. These two were started in used/depleted soil, basically inert soil. so there was no way they were going to burn. Now they are in miracle gro cactus, palm, citrus mix at about 70/30 soil/perlite and happy as heck! The food that is in this mix isnt the "feeds for 6 months" stuff. Just enriched with the nutients outa the bag. And the ratio is 0.6-0.2-0.4 so half of that is 0.3-0.1-0.2 which is found to be the optimum ratio for cannabis (3-1-2 or so I have read)

so far under 4 x 32.5w cfl 2700k 2600lm each and 1 x 23w (I think) 5000k just for spectrum diversity and 20/4 light schedule. I have 4 more 32.5w bulbs for flower.

Some pics

I love container gardening and have done it for over a decade. I have tried so many seed starting mixes over the years, and this one gives me the best results. Yes, there are some little sticks and mulch pieces, but nothing bigger than an inch or so, and they are easily picked out.

This mix is very fluffy, almost too fluffy until I learned the secret to using it. You wet the mix before putting it in the pot/tray/eggshell/whatever, then make your hole and add your seeds. If you put it in dry and then try to water it, the water sits on top, the seeds start floating, you get frustrated and want to give up on the whole thing. Since switching to the wet mix method, almost everything we plant grows.

Later in the season, when it’s time to move seedlings to bigger pots, I mix any leftovers I have with miracle-gro garden soil, some dirt from last years pots, and a bit of sand. This makes the perfect mega mix for all my veggies. I love this stuff and will continue buying it for years to come.