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misty kush seeds

Strain Characteristics: She is a top performing hybrid that will remain low in the growing stage, and will not stretch much once flowered. Thanks to her parental lineage, expect Misty Kush Feminized to grow short with a bushy structure, meaning that this lady is well suited for indoor growers with limited height.

Genetics: Misty Kush Feminized was created by crossing Misty with Master Kush. The result is an indica dominant hybrid that will finish a medium height producing massive buds. We were able to combine the best of both parents from the massive yields, strong plant resistance and low profile.

The flavours are very special and comprise of sweet, mango and citrus, meaning fans of fruity Cannabis strains will quickly fall in love with this one. Her aroma is as floral sweet fragrance that only amplifies when breaking open a bud. Medical patients may find Misty Kush Feminized useful for reducing stress, muscle pains and spasms, inflammation and cramps, insomnia and anxiety.

Experiencing this strain: A well balanced strain that has the physical body of the Master Kush parent and the exhilarating sativa influence from the Misty. Once smoking a joint of this strain, the effects will be fast and come on strong. She may leave you staring into space in a world of your own, whilst feeling totally chilled out. Perfect for evening times, lounging at home with friends, watching movies and getting a good night’s sleep.

Misty kush seeds

Misty Kush by Nirvana Seeds is a strain that was born from a three-way cross between three delicious indica strains, making for a fast-flowering plant that has an intense odor and flavor – the beauty about this plant is that it has a different effect depending on your mood when you consume it.

Misty Kush, Aromatic Cannabis

For outdoor growing, this strain is quite versatile and can be planted pretty much anywhere – it does well in the ground, soil, slightly shaded or straight in the sun. This plant does extremely well with insect infestations and illnesses and is extremely easy to grow. We highly recommend this plant for beginner growers, producing amazing results with not much water.

How to Grow Misty Kush Outdoors

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