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molasses in growing weed

Molasses in growing weed

One of the biggest advantages your grow gets from molasses starts with your growing media. Applied as part of a complete fertilization program or as your “secret ingredient” in plant teas, the natural carbohydrates in molasses support beneficial microorganisms at work in the root zone. Increased activity by healthy, well-fed beneficial microorganisms actually improves your soil, enhancing the movement and exchange of air, water and nutrients.

While molasses helps your plants make better use of available nutrients, it also provides additional nutrition to feed your grow. Molasses contains potassium, an essential macronutrient that also helps support vigorous, healthy and productive growth.

How Molasses Benefits Cannabis Growth and Yield

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Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses For Plants Plant Food 0-0-1 was designed for use as part of a complete fertilization program during all stages of growth, from veg to finishing. Whether your grow’s indoor, greenhouse or outdoor, you can use this premium molasses for plants product with planting mixes, coco-coir, hydroponics or your native soil. It’s also highly recommended as an ingredient in plant teas. Use it in recipes for primary plant teas that serve as complete fertilizers or in supplemental plant teas to support complete fertilization programs.

Why Molasses Carbohydrates and Cannabis Belong Together

With Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses For Plants Plant Food 0-0-1, you’re getting 72% Brix from pure, premium-grade, unsulfured sugar cane molasses. You can use it with confidence, knowing you’re nourishing your grow with a premium product created to support strong, healthy and productive plants.

Molasses in growing weed

There are two ways in which molasses benefits cannabis-plant growth.

Molasses isn’t just for baking cookies anymore. Cannabis growers everywhere have started discovering the incredible benefits of molasses for growing better cannabis.

One of the key factors for any cannabis grower who grows in soil rather than hydroponically is the quality of the soil itself. Healthy soil supportive of growing healthy cannabis plants is rich in nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

What is molasses?

Known as black treacle in the UK, molasses is a dark, viscous substance produced during the process of refining sugar. First, sugar beet juice or sugar cane is boiled down into a thick syrup.

Then, once the sugar crystals are extracted to make sugar, the syrup remaining is molasses.

Molasses comes in several types, varying in extraction method and sweetness. Molasses extracted from sugar cane is typically made into a food flavoring or sweetener, while molasses extracted from sugar beets has a bad taste and smell and is, therefore, used primarily as an additive in animal feed.

Why is molasses so beneficial to cannabis plants?

As cannabis plants grow, however, and they continue to feed on these nutrients, they progressively deplete these nutrients until there are none left in the soil. It is, therefore, necessary to supplement and replenish these nutrients to continue sufficiently nourishing your cannabis plants.