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motor cake seeds

A combination of terpenes with a high THC level has the potential to create a sedative effect, causing you to nod off before you even realize it. That’s why this marijuana strain is often used for treating chronic stress, appetite loss or nausea, arthritis, and chronic pain.

This bud, as the name suggests, has a sweet and fruity creamy vanilla cake flavor with a powerful hit of gassy diesel on exhale. Some users say that its aroma reminds of a fresh fruity cake being eaten in a mechanic’s shop, complete with sharp metal and gassy diesel.

Main Effects of Motor Cake

The key terpenes found in this weed include:

The Motor Cake weed high is evenly unique, with long-lasting effects that will instantly lift your spirits before settling you into a happy and relaxing state. This heady lift will be accompanied by a physical high, which will relax your limbs and assist your body in settling into the couch. Going for this cannabis might be a win-win if you’re looking for a truly unique flavor with mood-boosting effects galore.

Terpene Profile and Taste

Motor Cake cannabis is recommended for pre-bed usage. Some side effects may include anxiety, hallucination, thirst, and dryness in the eyes and mouth.

Motor cake seeds

Let me know your thoughts on this strain! I am very interested in trying Kush Mints, so if someone knows how this compares to that feel free to let me know!

The kush mints is some of the best ive ever had, i love the motor cake too probably better than their motorbreath, the banana og is some fire too, ready for a new batch of sunset shortcake

Motor Breath is a consistent flush hit of medication. I ground up my last couple nugs last night and vaped a full load to knock down my stupid nerve pain. So good. Flavor isn't as prominent as my typical faves but oh man is it a great strain in the effects dept. Looks like I have another GR strain to test out. Motor Cake is prob right in my wheelhouse.