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nbk seeds

Nbk seeds

Coat the surfaces with the wave marking with glue.

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Place the template on your seed bag with the lettering facing up, then trace all contours of the lettering with the pencil.


Before tying the knot, fold the flap so that it is closed under the yarn.

Nbk seeds

Creighton crushed Butler 87-56 in the Big East quarterfinal, and with Villanova out of the picture they are the favorites to take the crown and improve their seeding. The Bluejays moved into the Top 10 in KenPom with their win. Tough test on Friday as they get surging UConn (#17 KenPom) in the semifinals.

In our last update we somehow missed the fact that Colgate is already in the Patriot League final on Sunday. We swear on a stack of fluoride this was only an oversight and we are not an anti-dentite organization.

Rutgers beat Indiana 61-50 and solidified their Bracketology position, moving up one line from a 10-seed to a 9-seed. For NBK purposes this is a bit of a demotion — we view the 7-10 seed soup as all one thing, and the #1 seeds look impervious to early round defeat this year — so Rutgers stays put at #4 in the NBK rankings.

Toledo needed overtime to get past Ball St. but are a reasonably solid favorite today (61% per KenPom) so will stay put. All other NBKers advanced. Here are all the Friday odds of winning for NBK teams, per KenPom ($):