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neighbors weeds growing into my yard

I’ve posted below what has been happening lately.

Post by Lawnmower_Man » Sun Sep 30, 2018 4:25 pm

Stopping my neighbor’s weeds from creeping over?!

It’s kind of a laborous thing to do, but I can’t really think of any alternative ideas. Plus, if it works, it will pretty much save my lawn and save me a lot of time and money from having to keep painting these weeds every two weeks or so.

I initially controlled the weeds by individually brushing them with 30% vinegar (which worked pretty well) but it’s a losing battle due to the fact that my neighbor’s lawn is pretty much entirely comprised of these weeds and they are likely coming over via the root system that is creeping underneath our fence.

Stopping my neighbor’s weeds from creeping over?!

My next door neighbor’s lawn is pretty much 80% weeds and I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to prevent weeds from creeping over to my lawn via underground root system.

Oh, don't let me forget the dozen times the sheriff has been there to serve papers or the time I came home to find five police cars with lights flashing parked in front and the whole SWAT team armed with assault rifles surrounding the place. Exciting!

But before we continue, a brief word to anyone contemplating a diatribe against having lawns. This post does not concern that, so don't waste everyone's time with the same, tired argument you feel compelled express every five minutes. Thank you.

What Would You Do? Talking to these people accomplishes nothing. Think we should be nice and pull their weeds for them? We've done that and the weeds grew back. Think we should roll their garbage cans to the curb because they're too lazy to do that? We've done that too. Think we should peel the papers off their driveway and recycle them? Been there. Done that.

Then there was the time at Christmas when they nailed up "No Trespassing" signs around the yard. HO! HO! HO!

The Back Story Grumpy didn't turn in these neighbors. Somebody else did and I'm glad. They've been nothing but bad news ever since they moved in. They don't maintain the yard. They take in unsavory types to live there. One group hung plastic over the windows so you couldn't see in and left the lights on 24 hours a day (Gosh, what could have been going on inside?) A car caught fire in the driveway and burned into a black lump. They left the hulk there for weeks until ordered to haul it away. They refuse to take their stuffed garbage cans to the street and let trash blow all over the neighborhood. (Grumpy did complain to the city about that.) They leave newspapers on their driveway until they dissolve.