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nimbin weed seeds

Nimbin weed seeds

Each year, the Mardi Grass festival is held in Nimbin. Mardi Grass began in 1993, and is held to protest, educate and celebrate all things cannabis related. In the past 40 years of Mardi Grass, the organisation has brought education to cannabis in medical, recreational, spiritual and industrial means.

Nimbin in NSW Australia is a great place to visit if you are a stoner. Aussies and foreigners alike would find this pristine pot paradise an enjoyable experience to visit. Although not exactly legal, weed is prminent in Nimbin. Just a short walk through the street and you will be approached by someone trying to sell you weed or offer you cookies.

The Hemp Olympics is an event that is part of the annual Mardi Grass Festival in Nimbin. Events include throwing bongs as far as you can, rolling joints to the best of your ability and an iron man type course where participants crawl through lantana while dragging a bag of fertiliser. Sounds pretty epic to me.

The Annual Mardi Grass

Nimbin is not only known for bong shops, growers and a hemp embassy, but it contains a beautiful waterfall which can give you vertigo from looking over the edge. There’s also plenty of murals and paintings alike that make you feel as if you were in the 70’s. Its not a bad gig if you feel like an adventure. Kicking back and communicating with the locals will give you a brief summary of the place. The history can be quite entertaining.

If your stuck on what to do checkout Visit Nimbin. It’s a family friendly website with great information about the cool things to do in the place.

Whats in Nimbin?

The weed in Nimbin is usually bush but you can source hydro too if you stumble across the right person. But generally, Nimbin Weed is pretty darn good. You can thank the local hippies for that as generations of hard work has been put into breeding the best bush buds in Nimbin.

Nimbin weed seeds

Hey guys just wanna hear peoples experiences/opinions on buying seeds from as there is a special going on at the moment. Also what about buying seeds in Nimbin? Is it relatively easy to get a hold of? Thanks

I have a good ATTITUDE about using a better SEED BANK than those. Nimbin isn't some magical mini Amsterdam, just a shitty town with history that gets exploited. Good for a visit, but I wouldn't buy my seeds there expecting them to be as good as breeder seeds.