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npk ratio for growing weed

Let’s simplify the cannabis plant feeding process for growers of all levels.

Most fertilizers used to grow cannabis that are available commercially include NPK; nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium sources. Usually, this is clearly displayed on the packaging of the product with numbers, as we showed above.

The Simple Guide to NPK Ratios for Marijuana

Cannabis plants require nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium throughout their lifecycle to grow. Each of these nutrients plays distinct yet equally vital roles in the development of the cannabis plant. Here’s a closer look at each:

As the cannabis plant transitions into the flowering phase , the macronutrient requirements swing in the opposite direction. This means adjusting the NPK ratio. The recommended and very effective NPK formula for early to mid-bloom is 1-3-2, followed by 0-3-3 for late bloom.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium Sources

Soil growers only really need to water plants during the seedling stage. Usually, adding beneficial enzymes and microorganisms is enough. This helps the roots to develop and make the nutrients in the soil readily available. However, coco and hydro growers are advised to start by applying approximately 25%-strength feeds and work up from this base level.

Npk ratio for growing weed

The value for nitrogen coming first and potassium coming last.

Most fertilisers and plant feeds contain NPK values on their labels. These appear as three numbers denoting the relative concentration of each component. For instance, a ratio of 2:3:8 indicates that a product contains two parts nitrogen to every three parts phosphorous and eight parts potassium. Cannabis growers should be aware that NPK ratios always appear in this order.

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Bone meal and fish meal are excellent sources of phosphorous and are popular among gardeners. These can be scattered on the soil around a plant’s roots during flowering to bring NPK ratios up to the ideal value for cannabis.

The Importance of NPK for Cannabis

Ready-made plant feeds and fertilisers with set NPK ratios can be bought from most garden centres and applied to cannabis plants with minimum fuss. Granular feeds are the most common, but liquid and gaseous products are available too.