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og #18 seeds

Og #18 seeds

  • Terpenes Complex
  • Type Índica
  • Flowering time Short
  • Cannabinoids Very active
  • Yield capacity Very High
  • Height Small
  • Cultivation needs Some

What is The OG 18 like?

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With The OG 18 DNA Genetics have managed to increase the OG Kush yield levels by 30%. Thus, this variety has excellent large outcomes. In this way, you can obtain up to 550 grams per square meter indoors. This plant will produce even more when grown outdoors.

One of the much beloved OG Kush family, OG #18 boasts quick grow times and delightful hybrid effects including euphoria and relief from pain and insomnia. It can be a bit finicky to grow, but you’ll get good yields if you take your time.


The psychedelic nature of OG #18 makes it a popular choice among recreational users, but that doesn’t’ mean medical patients haven’t found a use for the 30/70 split. It’s considered a go-to for chronic pain, and a suitable alternative for stress and anxiety, especially the kind that keeps your head whirring at night.

With its predominant effect relaxation, you will also notice a strong sense of euphoria that makes can make certain leisurely activates that much more enjoyable. As the sativa traits began to wane and its indica qualities take over, bringing with them ta total body calm – time will pass, and you won’t even notice it. Because of this, OG #18 is one of those strains better suited for night time use when you’re kicking back or hanging out with a group of close friends.