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og prince seeds

Og prince seeds

Light Seed’s only appear after an area has been cleansed of corruption and 25 are awarded after each of Corrupted has been freed or destroyed. There are a total of 1001 light seeds in the entire map.

Light seeds appear as floating balls or energy the same colour as Elika’s magical abilities and are used to help re-energize Elika after she has exorcised the Corruption from each of the fertile grounds. Elika requires the Light Seeds but the knowledge of why still eludes her other than she simply knew.

The only area not containing any Light seeds is The Temple. When the Prince Destroys the Tree and retrieves Elika’s life essence it appears, similar to a Light Seed, only larger.

Two friends of mine had the same problem! This was their and my last UBI game. Word’s can’t tell how we are p***ed!

Is anyone else having problems with the light seeds counter?!

I definitely won’t! Who tells me that it won’t happen again. Or if there is a bug that simple, that there are other bugs that won’t let me finish the game for the second time?? It is obviously a common problem and known to UBI for a very long time! There shouldn’t be a problem to fix this. Just check all variables, add them together and get the result! As simple as that! 4 * 25 + 20 * 45 is always 1000! Even in Canada! If I knew this I wouldn’t even have botherd searching those bl**dy light seeds.

I’m currently on my 3rd and hopefully last run through of Prince of Persia on the PS3 to obtain all achievements (all i have left is 1001 light seeds and platinum).

I called the support that even cost more money. They practically told me, that they know about the bugs but they will do sh.. about it.

Have found that other people have had this problem but no solution as yet. Really don’t want to have to start again incredibly frustrating!!

Thank you very much! Have a good day.