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oklahoma marijuana seed laws

New emergency rules impacting Oklahoma Medical Authority licensees have been signed by the Governor and became effective June 28th, 2021. The new emergency rules address changes and/or new requirements in recently passed legislation and also add new requirements relating to the implementation of the State inventory tracking system. The rules and a summary are available on the OMMA website at

Pursuant to a court agreement, OMMA is extending the beginning inventory deadline for the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system, Metrc, and new seed-to-sale tracking rules will not be enforced until further guidance is provided by the court. Licensees will be notified with a new timeline for implementation as soon as one is available. Instructions and notice will be provided before the revised deadline to ensure licensees are able to implement the new system.

Oklahoma marijuana seed laws

The vast majority of online seed bank companies operate in illicit and loomy grey areas at best.

If you googled “How to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Oklahoma,” you probably came across tons of options online. But if you want to be fully compliant and buy seeds risk-free, two things have to happen:

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Where Do Dispensaries Get Their First Seeds or Clones?

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If you’re looking for cannabis seeds online because you can’t find them in the stores, be forewarned that purchasing cannabis, cannabis-derived, or cannabis-byproduct items comes with a lot more red tape. It’s best to always proceed with caution because usually if it’s not outright illegal, companies selling seeds online are operating in a loomy grey area.

So Where Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Legally in Oklahoma?

With that being said, as a grower, you have to be thorough in inspecting plants before you bring them into your crop. Since you’re going to invest a good bit of time, energy, and resources into these plants, you want to ensure that they are healthy and have a lot of yielding potential.

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Oklahoma marijuana seed laws

“We need better understanding, and we need better communication,” he said. “I know that OMMA is actively working on improving that, and they’re getting better, but it’s still not good. Something like this has real-world impacts on us and hard financial costs.”

“I’m arguing those are not the way you adopt regulations, and the regulations don’t require any of this,” Durbin said in an interview. “If that’s the case, we’re back to where I said we should be, which is: Go adopt some lawfully appropriate regulations to implement your seed-to-sale tracking program. OMMA has way over complicated this. Quite frankly, they dropped the ball and didn’t do their job in getting regulations done.”

“We hit that April 30 date and we already had everything loaded in before the extension, so we just said, ‘Now we’re live, we’re going to keep it going,’” Wiebe said.

LeeAnn Wiebe, CEO of Apothecary Extracts in Beggs, said her businesses were all ready to go on the Metrc system by April. Apothecary Extracts is vertically integrated and has a grow operation, manufacturing facility and a dispensary. Her company also has hundreds of clients on the wholesale level.

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An employee is seen checking the tracking tag on a marijuana plant at Apothecary Extracts grow site in Beggs. (Whitney Bryen/Oklahoma Watch)

“Anytime you have a new system, it can be overwhelming or cumbersome and it’s a bit fearful because you don’t know it,” Wiebe said. “But shortly after it was implemented, everyone could see the value in transparency and everyone using the same system.”

“It’s going to make it harder to cheat,” Bein said. “Illegal products are still going to get in here, but Metrc is going to slow it down. If you’re a legal business and you’re buying from certified and compliant farms like ours, our product is going to be safe for you. I think the consumer is going to gravitate to those dispensaries and those farms.”

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“We are working a lot of investigations statewide on growers illegally shipping out of state and a few stores selling product brought in from out of state,” said Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spokesman Mark Woodward. “Black market growers are thriving in Oklahoma. Regarding seed-to-sale, tracking would be helpful in some of our investigations, but it hasn’t hampered our ability to build solid cases on those we’ve already shut down.”