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orange cookies seeds

Orange Cookies is a 50/50 indica/sativa cannabis hybrid created by crossing Sonic’s Orange with Cookies & Cream (Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies). This potent strain is a veritable taste sensation as well as being very useful in therapeutic applications.

Orange Cookies can deliver in excess of 500 gr/m 2 with 56 – 60 days of flowering indoors. Outdoors yields are even better with each plant’s potential being 650 gr. plus with harvests taking place during the month of September in northern latitudes. Resin production is very high making the buds shine with a sparkling covering of trichomes.

The aroma is of sweet oranges and the flavour has great complexity that includes oranges, sweet vanilla pods, a hint of nuts with creamy butter rounding it all off. THC levels are very high at 22.3% and CBD is 0.48%. The effect given is one of euphoria and happiness that is very long-lasting. Therapeutically recommended for pain relief, stress, anxiety, nausea, insomnia and also depression.

Orange Cookies marijuana seeds provide a relaxing and gentle high that’s suitable for a variety of smokers. With THC levels around 14-16% this high feels soothing, energizing, and social.


There are a lot of misconceptions are marijuana strains. For starters, not all indicas or indica-dominant hybrids leave you feeling like a brain-dead zombie. Secondly, not all marijuana strains get you high as a kite on the first inhale. Orange Cookies marijuana seeds break both these stereotypes. This indica-dominant hybrid (60/40) provides a mellow, laid-back experience that feels easy to handle and effortless.

With THC levels in the 14-16% range, Orange Cookies is mild enough for a variety of smokers to enjoy. There are not known to be any negative side effects, such as paranoia or anxiety. Orange Cookies starts with a gentle mind uplift that’s euphoric and happy. Users frequently notice a mild body buzz that leaves them with the tingles. Orange Cookies is a great strain for users who want to perk up, cheer up, and laugh it up.