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orange noble seeds

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BigHaat : India’s largest Agri Inputs Marketplace Platform providing Agricultural Machinery, Agriculture Equipment, Agricultural Products, Poultry Equipment, Chemical Pesticides, Organic Insecticides, etc. Our clientele includes Farmers, Nurseries, FPOs, NGOs and other Institutional Growers.

Orange noble seeds

The Big Bag ( でかぶくろ Huge Bag) is received from an inhabitant of Magicant, who resides in the most southwesterly placed building of the town area. He asks Ninten if he would like to have the item, while afterwards asking if he could borrow Ninten’s Cash Card. If answering yes, he will then take the card, and must be spoken to again to have the card returned, along the Big Bag, which he gives away as a gift. The bag contains a total of 30 Magic Herbs, which roughly equals to 900 HP that can be recovered through the use of the bag. After all of the herbs have been used, the bag will vanish into thin air.

Big Bag

Using Mouthwash, alternatively Mouth-wash, ( うがいぐすり Mouthwash) is the only way to cure colds. It can be bought for $175 in Snowman, or for $10 from an old man in the Mislay Triangle after he has had his Dentures returned to him. He will immediately fill out Ninten’s unoccupied inventory slots with Mouthwash for free after Ninten has brought him his dentures, but after that they must be paid for.


The Physical Capsule ( フィジカルカプセル Physical Capsule), alternatively PhysicalCap, increases one party member’s strength by around 5. One is located in the southern portion of Sweet’s Little Factory, and one is located in the southern portion of Duncan’s Factory.