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organic miracle grow for weed

Organic miracle grow for weed

Homegrown CannabisCo are the masters when it comes to seeds. Offering a massive variety of cannabis seeds that are well categorized, not only does this company create a resource for superb quality options including feminized seeds, it also provides extensive growing information for those looking for some support along their journey.

MiracleGro is used to help houseplants and gardens by providing additional nutrients that soil naturally loses over time. In doing so, MiracleGro boosts the growth rate of plants as it provides the material needed in the production of new cell structures.

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What do you think of using MiracleGro to fertilize cannabis? Are you one of the few who have used it successfully? Do you have a better fertilizer not mentioned here? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Some growers do report using MiracleGro successfully, but it is the minority. Those who find success commonly use vastly watered down amounts of MiracleGro. All in all, it is just easier and safer to avoid using it altogether. You don’t want to ruin all of your hard work when you don’t have to.

What Is MiracleGro?

Due to all of this, it would make sense to think that MiracleGro would help with the cultivation of marijuana plants. Is this the case, though? We find out in the next section.

Organic miracle grow for weed

However, I have plants in MG moisture control soil, and it is doing far better than the MG OC.

i am currently using MGOC and am far disappointed. My seedlings did not do so well in it, and I also used it on some of my larger plants and received below average results. My regular backyard soil is doing better. I am assuming that it’s simply a nutrient issue.

I’ve recently been in discussions about using BLACK soils from now on because the results are phenomenal according to my research.