Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Growing marijuana is a weed, meaning it can grow anywhere. However, there are some benefits to growing outside instead of inside. You have the green thumb on your side when you garden outdoors because mother nature does most of the work for you with sunlight and rainwater as well as keeping things sterile without any extra expense or hassle from lights or water!

Growing cannabis outdoors is an excellent choice for those who want to grow a large crop. With more space, plants can flourish and be healthier than indoor varieties that have limited resources available. Feminized seeds of outdoor strains are the best at dealing with harsh weather conditions or major climate fluctuations because they require less attention and care than other types of seeds do when growing in these adverse environments.

If you live in Australia or any other country with a suitable climate, then the best way to grow weed is outdoors. With huge per plant yields and the higher quality product being produced by your plants, it’s easy for amateur growers like me to get started growing cannabis seeds USA-wide.


When choosing marijuana seeds, it is important to consider the local climate where you plan on growing them. Some strains of cannabis thrive in warmer climates but falter due to lack of sunlight and cooler temperatures when grown outdoors.

Growing marijuana can be a rewarding experience. Outdoor plants should have plenty of light and sun, as well as water to keep them healthy. It’s important to find feminized seeds that are the right climate for your area before you start planting them in pots or soil. Otherwise, they may not grow properly!

We want to make sure your experience with growing cannabis plants is enjoyable, so we offer a wide range of products. If you’re looking for feminized or autoflowering seeds, then look no further than our outdoor marijuana category!


You might not be able to grow your favorite weed outdoors in every climate. However, with a few alterations, you can still successfully do so! If the area is too cold or dry for outdoor marijuana plants then consider growing them indoors where they are protected from harsh winds and rainstorms by greenhouse coverings. Alternatively, if it’s just not getting warm enough during certain months of their flowering time there may also need to use patio heaters placed strategically all around the plant which will provide warmth at night when needed without harming any nearby crops that don’t require this treatment.

To grow cannabis successfully, you’ll need space indoors or outdoors without artificial lighting. If neither of these is possible for your plants, try using guerrilla growing techniques throughout nature! Guerrilla growers usually plant their seeds in the wild and let them thrive by themselves rather than planting at home where there is more risk of discovery.


Growing outdoor marijuana is an art. Timing and the environment are crucial when deciding how to grow your plants. Unlike indoor plants, they need natural conditions for them to produce their best possible growths with a little help from you of course!

Growing weed outdoors can be tricky business but it’s so worth it because there will likely never be another herb that tastes as good or grows as this one does outside under Mother Nature’s watchful eye (or without her intervention).

After purchasing your feminized seeds, you will need to plan for the planting process. This includes deciding when is best to plant them outdoors and how many plants are needed. Autoflowering seeds may allow growers two harvests per year which means they have purchased accordingly. However, those who live in a frost-prone area should keep their seedlings indoors until it’s warm outside and then select a sunny place that has enough space before transferring the little ones out of doors where they can grow into big beautiful cannabis bushes!

Spring is the ideal time to plant your marijuana seeds. If you are planting these in more temperate climates, make sure they’re protected from frost and keep an eye on their growth! Early summer is a great time for transplanting new plants, or if you prefer to grow indoors all season long – then mid-summer will be perfect for planting those feminized cannabis seeds. Late Summer / Early Fall should see the harvesting of many delicious crops ready for consumption!


Nature is a harsh mistress and outdoor marijuana plants need more care than their indoor counterparts. BUSHWEEDO’s Plant Food helps ensure your cannabis plant has the nutrients it needs, even if you live in an area with poor soil or are unable to adequately fertilize due to inclement weather conditions. In addition, keeping your eyes peeled for harmful infestations like spider mites can be difficult when these pests come out of hiding during sunny days outdoors. This is where our trusted product BUSHWEEDO’s Plant Protector comes into play. Protect against future invasions by applying regularly!

It’s raining again. Protect your plants from mold due to excess rain by creating a cover, or at least shake them dry after heavy rainfall because soon it will be time for harvesting! As the days shorten and this season approaches its end you’ll need to inspect your plants carefully for signs of maturity so that when they’re ready. This is tricky since some strains mature faster than others you can harvest and hang them up to dry before winter sets in.


Buy cannabis seeds from BUSHWEEDO and you’ll be in good hands. We offer a wide variety of popular strains, including feminized outdoor weed seeds in the USA for the best price on the market! Whether you’re looking to grow indoors or out – we have what it takes to make your marijuana garden flourish with ease.

BUSHWEEDO is an online seed bank that offers high-quality feminized seeds worldwide at affordable prices.


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    I’m so happy to have finally started my grow! My order came in very fast and I can’t wait for the 2nd harvest.

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    Thanks so much for the seeds, I’m already enjoying them and they’re very good! All of my plants are loving it up in the sun thanks to your generosity.

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    I’ve purchased three times with ILGM. The first time, I got the sweet deal white widow 10+10 package which had some trouble in germination but this is mother nature stuff! After that went smoothly and all ten grew into beautiful plants (amazing what you can do when things go well!), they also sent me an extra one just to make sure everything was okay – great customer service overall 🙂

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    I ordered some seeds from this company for the 3rd time and they are by far my favorite. Fast shipping, great quality!