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pacific blue seeds

Pacific Seed Company, based out of Northern California’s Walnut Creek, is a family run business established in 1991 by Nabi Tawakali. From the beginning our mission has been to provide our customers with the best quality seeds and services in our industry.

We offer a wide range of seeds and grains from forage to vegetables. USA to Australia, the best seeds and grains are only a phone call away; available to you around the world! Something you don’t see on our list? We are happy to find it for you at the most competitive prices.

About Our Products

This powerful strain is perhaps best known for the intense body relaxation it provides. You can expect a bit of a mood boost, but that’s definitely not the selling point of Pacific Blue. In fact, as this strain works its magic on the body, the mind will actually take on a bit of haziness. For this reason, experts recommend Pacific Blue be used exclusively at nighttime or on a day where you don’t have anywhere to be or anything on your to-do list.

If you’re in need of some true, deep relaxation and tuning out your thoughts, Pacific Blue might be just the strain that you’re looking for.

Pacific Blue is a cannabis strain that hails from the Pacific Northwest region, where it was developed as a cross between DJ Short Blueberry and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. The THC concentration in Pacific Blue will definitely impress, as it clocks in at around 28 percent!

Pacific Blue might be a good choice for sometong dealing with chronic pain or stress, and it has even been noted to have increased arousal in some users.


Pacific blue seeds

Pacific Seed Bank offers a sizable selection of seeds, with an inventory of over 150 strains from a dozen in-house breeders located throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. All seeds sold by Pacific Seed Bank are advertised as feminized.

Still, more buyers have successfully grown plants from Pacific Seeds, only to find the quality of their weed disappointingly lacking. One buyer brought their flower from a high-CBD strain to a testing lab, only to find that their supposed high-CBD/low-THC strain was actually composed of quite the opposite. Despite being advertised as 100% feminized, here and there hermaphrodite plants have also been reported.

Seed Selection and Quality

First and foremost, yes, Pacific Seed Bank is a legit seed bank, and many of its customers have come away completely satisfied and happy with their crops. However, this seed bank has a track record of shipping problems, inconsistent genetics, and difficulty getting through to customer service reps – and its reputation has suffered as a result. Public growers’ forums are filled with frustrated buyers venting about their negative experiences with this seed bank. Pacific Seed Bank does maintain an online presence in several popular forums, thanking customers who leave positive reviews and offering to make things right for those buyers who left negative ones.

Founded by cannabis enthusiasts, Pacific Seed Bank draws on over 20 years of its founders’ experience and backgrounds in horticulture, medicine, and business. This seed bank is formally based in Barcelona, Spain, but operates its main shipping hub and marketing presence out of Santa Rosa, California, USA.

Seed Quality Concerns

Many satisfied customers have reported positive shopping experiences and enjoyable weed from Pacific Seed Bank. However, the quality of this seed bank’s genetics has been called into question. Some buyers have had concerns from the moment their seeds arrived, observing small, weak-looking seeds that, in a few cases, easily crumbled when squeezed between the fingertips. Other buyers have observed an obvious difference in appearance among seeds that were supposed to all be the same strain – or seeds that didn’t look at all like typical seeds for that particular strain.