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grow weed inside easy

Make sure all equipment is on, no breakers have flipped, and everything is running smoothly. Check lights, timers, fans, dehueys, ACs, and anything else that plugs into the wall or has a battery.

You’ll need to ensure that temperatures remain within a comfortable range for your plants, between 70-85°F when lights are on and between 58-70°F when off. Some varieties of cannabis—generally indicas—prefer the colder side of the range, while others—typically sativas—are more tolerant of high temperatures.

Soil is the most traditional medium for growing marijuana indoors, as well as the most forgiving, making it a good choice for first-time growers. Any high-quality potting soil will work, as long as it doesn’t contain artificial extended release fertilizer—like Miracle Gro—which is unsuitable for growing good cannabis.

For small spaces or tents, clip-on fans can be attached to structures like walls, corners, or support beams. For larger grow rooms, use medium-sized oscillating fans or big floor models.

Check for pests, mold, or nutrient deficiencies

While shopping for soil, you might be overwhelmed by the options available at your local garden store. The soil type is the basic structure of your soil. From there, look at nutrients, microorganisms, and other amendments that improve the soil. Your choices will be flooded with words like:

It’s also a good idea to have oscillating fans to provide a constant breeze in your grow room as it will strengthen your plants’ stems, making them stronger and healthier.

These are just some examples of amendments commonly used in different types of soils. Heavily amended soils will have long lists that break down all organic nutrients they contain. Some companies create soils that offer a great structure with base nutrients, but allow you to fill in the gaps as you desire.

Tools to measure temperature and humidity

Unless you’re growing in a large, open space with a lot of ventilation, you’ll need air-cooled reflector hoods to mount your lamps in, as HID bulbs produce a lot of heat. This requires ducting and exhaust fans, which will increase your initial cost but make controlling temperature in your grow room much easier.

For a root system to develop and thrive, they will need the following:

Grow weed inside easy

As a cannabis plant develops, its nutrient needs change. That’s why different nutrient lines are available for different growth phases. Most nutrient lines come with recommended feeding charts. If you’re just starting out, be sure to get to know your nutrients and their ratios.

Remember, not everyone was born with a green thumb or an affinity for setting up and maintaining equipment. But with practice, passion, and an attention to detail, you can ready yourself for an amazing growing experience that has the potential to change your views of and interaction with cannabis for good.

Metal-halide (MH) lights are a type of high-intensity discharge (HID) lights that work by igniting gas in a tube with a spark of electricity. Metal-halide bulbs emit a spectrum of light that is most beneficial during the vegetative phase. They emit more usable light for a plant than a fluorescent bulb does, but tend to cost substantially more.

Soil can be much more forgiving and requires less precision when watering and feeding plants additional nutrients. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Carbon dioxide supplementation

When using soil as your primary medium, drain-to-waste is the only possibility. In soilless hydroponic systems, it is up to the growers’ preferences. Most hydroponic growers will opt to maintain a drain-to-waste system, because it affords them full control over the application of nutrients. Recirculating systems are typically reserved for the most advanced and efficient cultivators.

Water quality is another key aspect of indoor gardening. It’s important to determine water acidity and general mineral content prior to planting. Checking the pH, the acidity or alkalinity of the water, is easy to do with a handheld water quality meter. The same device can be used to check the total mineral or chemical content of your water as well. Knowing these things will help you determine the correct amount of nutrients to feed your plants or if fresh water needs to be introduced.

Hydroponics is a blanket term for the growing of plants in a nutrient solution, with or without an inert medium to provide physical root support. Media such as fused basalt rock and chalk (known as rockwool), coconut fiber (coco coir), and clay pellets (hydroton) can drastically improve nutrient delivery. With a plant’s roots system exposed, hydroponically grown cannabis can grow faster and more efficiently, requiring less water and fewer nutrients but also requiring monitoring systems to ensure a stable pH.

Frequently asked questions

A recirculating system collects the nutrients and water that are used, replenishes them, but with a smaller amount of fresh nutrients, then reapplies the solution to the plants the next time the plant is fed. A grower will check the solution’s pH before and after adjusting the nutrients.

Top feed drain-to-waste systems can be as simple as putting your plants in a soilless medium and watering them from the top of the container, either with a drip system or by hand.

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growing weed with 300w led

Growing weed with 300w led

That very first pic see how the tips of the leaves are bending in a little? I think it’s a little over watered, so be real careful about not letting it sit in water or water to often. The new pics look great , use your hand to see how close for the light if it burns you it will burn your babies.

Hi guys and gals. New member here and was looking for some insight on my grow so far. I picked up a couple of clones on December 26th and transplanted them to 1 gallon pots with ffof soil on the 27th. I will be going to 2 gallon fabric pots in a couple of weeks. I’m currently using 17- 23 watt cfls in my 30in wide x 22in deep x 45in tall grow box. Temps have been between 75 to 81 lights on and 67 to 71 lights off. Rh has been around 40 using a humidifier outside grow box near intake vent. <br />
<br />
I know ffof soil is hot for a month or so, so only watering as of right now and will be using general hydro go box for nutes after a month. I started some lst and just wanted some opinions on how they look and if they are growing fast enough. I plan on upgrading from cfls to a 300 watt Mars hydro led or something similar. Any thought on what led light to get for a 100 bucks or so please advise! Money is an issue with my first grow so can’t afford any US made lighting as of yet.<br />
<br />
Will that size led work in my grow box or will it be to powerful? I was planning on flipping them to flower once they get about 18in tall. I don’t want any light burn so I’m a bit nervous about switching to led in my size grow box. Here’s some pics of when I first transplanted and a couple of pictures I took 1/7. Thanks in advance. <br />
<br />
1st day in 1 gallon containers<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Pics taken yesterday below<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
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And PH is real important just get use to making it at 6.00 plants respond to it very well. Have fun and ask away about your plants someone will always be around to help.

You didn’t say what kind of plants you are growing what is the light schedule?

Growing weed with 300w led

One More brilliant feature this led grow light posses is that it has two light spectrums. While applying for cannabis, use the vegetable setting. It uses 93 watts in a 4.5*3.8 space.

Among the characteristics that have earned this unit, the top 300 watt led lights for growing cannabis grow light is the actuality of saving energy. One of the top reasons is that it uses low energy and temperature with the help of a 12-band full spectrum. This feature has enabled improved platinum p300 to be the most influential led light for cultivating marijuana from the PlatinumLED brand.

My joy will be fulfilled if I narrow down your purchase list with the help of my article, as I will review the best 300 watt led light. Whether you are growing your marijuana in a small tent or in a greenhouse – do not be dismayed, I have it all covered.

With the help of the 12-band complete light spectrum, the cannabis will have enough growth light needed. It allows your cannabis to mature well and very nutritious, with all the required nutrients gained from the Led light.

7 Best 300W LED Grow Light for Easy Selection

I have selected the 7 best 300 watt led lights for growing cannabis to fit your preference below. With ample experience, I have written down a detailed description of each product’s features. I have also included a list of pros and cons to assist you while purchasing.

It does not matter if you are cultivating cannabis as a starter or maybe as a pro. You most likely are not sure which 300 watt led grow light to use. Getting a grow light that best fits your needs can be a tough task. The search can be a bit overwhelming, taking into consideration the fact that there is plenty of brands currently on the market.

It has 90 degrees focusing lenses. They direct light deeper to your cannabis and hence yielding to energetic growth. Improved platinum is very affordable, and it has highly competitive features on the market. It also has the highest PAR (Photosynthetic active radiation) per Watts, which measures the intensity of light being produced by the grow light. This is very useful as it cannot be found in any Led growth light sold so cheap. The unit is by far the best Led 300 Watts grow light available on the market. More so, it has a full 5-year assurance plus a special offer of a 90-day gratification or refund.

1. Advanced Platinum P300 – Best 300 watt Grow Light for Growing Cannabis

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50w led grow light weed

50w led grow light weed

it seems they can change to all sorts of reds blues and purples. which by my knowledge are required for photo synthesis.

I’ve had them in for 3 days and haven’t seen much growth. not sure if I’m using the wrong spectrum of light or if I need to get another one of these bad boys. maybe 3.

Hi guys. taken a huge interest in growing with LED. i have just setup my Closet for a little experiment.

I do however want to transfer them to 5 litre plastic plant bags hoping that they might just need more space.

While I have done countless research on using LED j found myself coming to post my experiment and see if some experienced growers with LED might be able to lend me a bit of advice.

I took 8 of my balcony sprouts that were eaten by my cat lol. left them about 2 weeks to recover but ideally I’m just testing the viablility of growing with this light before I purchase more of them. they’re quite inexpensive and VERY bright.

I found this 50 watt LED flood light. I have no idea if it’s going to work but it seems to be able to provide a full spectrum of colours.

50w led grow light weed

These units are extremely powerful (90-100 PAR), as well as heating up quickly, therefore require active cooling to prevent them from burning out.

50W of raw power, connecting 4 together is the same as a 200W grow light, as well as costs a fraction of the price.

Building your own grow light:

The use of a COB LED Optics Lens will help to spread the light more directly downwards.

This chips are super simple to wire as they requires SOLDERING. Simply use a solder iron to connect up two wires, LIVE and NEUTRAL (terminals labeled) and it is time to grow!

Other Chip on Boards available.

This 50W COB LED requires soldering as well as being powerful. Simply add a LIVE and NEUTRAL wire to labeled terminals on the unit, making sure the wire are secured using solder and you’re good to go.

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how to grow a good weed plant outside

How to grow a good weed plant outside

Homegrown CannabisCo are the masters when it comes to seeds. Offering a massive variety of cannabis seeds that are well categorized, not only does this company create a resource for superb quality options including feminized seeds, it also provides extensive growing information for those looking for some support along their journey.

Having the ability to choose the right marijuana strain, the ideal location, and the best possible soil is one thing. Possessing the patience to see the entire project through is quite another.

Three Ways to Boost Drainage

The growing process can take anywhere from two months to 8+ months. Your plants are ready to be harvested when approximately 70% of its pistils turn from white to a reddish-brown color. If the pistils are turning red, harvest immediately!

Composting is the way forward because it is cheap and relatively simple. You can also add all sorts of organic matter from fruit clippings to animal manure. Avoid using meat or animal fat as it will attract pests.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors: The Beginner’s Guide

Indoor growers tend to grow their marijuana from clones, while outdoor growers prefer to grow from seed. You can get quality buds using either method, and they both have their advantages and drawbacks.

Loam is ideal for containers as well as for outdoor growing. Unfortunately, it is usually the most expensive soil to buy. But if you are interested in growing the best plants possible, it can pay big dividends in the long run.
You can also build up your own loam soil by adding organic matter to it. If you have a compost bin, you can use the compost to improve your soil. This will be a time-consuming and ongoing process but with grit and persistence will pay off in the long run.

The optimal ratio for loam is 20% clay, 40% silt and 40% sand. Most folks think a pH of 6.0 is best for cannabis, with a range of 5.8 to 6.3 being acceptable. With a pH close to neutral, loam is typically in that zone or close to it.

Growing cannabis outdoors offers many benefits. Firstly, it can be very affordable. You do not need to provide a structure like a greenhouse or high tunnel. In addition, artificial light is not necessary if you place it in the right spot in your yard, because your plants can benefit from the sun’s abundant and free energy.

Test kits are available to measure your soil’s acidity, or you can take a sample to your friendly local extension agent. If your dirt does not have the proper acidity, soil amendments are available to lower or raise the pH level in your soil. Your local nursery, garden store or extension agent can make some suggestions.

Loam for Growing Marijuana & Other Crops

Just like humans, plants need the right nutrients. The most important ones for your cannabis plants are nitrogen (N), potassium (K) and phosphate (P). These make up the ratios you will typically see on fertilizer labels.

Silt soils have lots of minerals and retain moisture well. Like clay, however, this type of soil can become compacted and hard in certain conditions. It can also form a crust, making it difficult for moisture and nutrients to reach plants’ roots.

Four basic soil types exist: sand, clay, silt, and loam. Each has its pros and cons for gardening.

Soil Types

In addition, you do not necessarily have to provide costly soil for your plants outside. But for the best results, you want good marijuana soil that will help your plants grow healthy and happy. DripWorks is here to offer you a few simple tips for finding and creating the best soil for growing marijuana outdoors.

Sand is easily permeable for root growth, for instance, but it does not hold on to water or fertilizer well.

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can i buy marijuana seeds in california

Can i buy marijuana seeds in california

In principle, cannabis seeds are not illegal in Europe, and it is possible to purchase seeds from another country. In general, when a product enters a European country, it becomes subject to that nation’s laws. The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, a 1962 framework for marijuana legalization, is an international treaty that was signed by 180 countries.

One of the biggest advantages of autoflowering seeds is their ability to produce a minimum of two outdoor crops. When you grow them indoors, however, you can produce four or five crops per annum. Certain strains can become mature in just ten weeks! They are heavily resistant to mold and pests and produce a much higher yield when exposed to a powerful light source.

Rocket Seeds is another American seed bank with a positive reputation. It operates out of the Bronx, New York, and is famed for its rapid shipping.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

These seeds come from one female and one male parent. As a result, there is a 50/50 chance that the plant will be the feminized version that carries all of those wonderful cannabinoids. As you have no control of the plant’s gender, there is a chance that you’ll waste weeks waiting for the gender to be revealed.

As the nation’s cannabis laws state that the substance is federally illegal, it is technically against the law to buy, sell, or use it anywhere in the country. Indeed, the federal government could arrest someone for consuming cannabis if they so choose because federal law supersedes state law.

Final Thoughts on Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

As well as allowing people to use weed, an increasing number of states are relaxing restrictions on growing it at home.
You’ll need seeds to do so, but this is where it gets complicated for American residents in particular. Even if you live in California, where it is legal to grow cannabis at home, and purchase seeds from a Colorado-based seed bank, your package can STILL be confiscated.

Your safest bet is to stick to one of the reputable seedbanks outlined in this article. Look for companies that have been in the industry for a long time and have earned a significant number of positive customer reviews.

Can i buy marijuana seeds in california

This means you can purchase and grow cannabis seeds without worrying. But be aware that all of these states have regulations on how much marijuana you grow, and there may be other limitations as well. Before purchasing cannabis seeds online, you should look up the regulations in your own state. Information you should know includes:

You can look up your state’s marijuana laws on the NORML website. It’s a good idea to check regularly (at least once a year) because laws about marijuana usage and cultivation are often changing.

Growing your own marijuana from seeds is a great way to get exactly the strain you want, available right at your fingertips. But if you’ve never purchased cannabis seeds before, you may be a little nervous. Which seed bank is the best to buy from? Is it risky to order cannabis seeds online? How do you know which shops are reputable?

Will Customs Confiscate My Cannabis Seeds?


Claim to fame: ILGM has been around for 25 years and has earned their spot as a top cannabis seed bank. With a massive selection of strains and super dependable shipping to the US, this is a reliable go-to and a favorite for many growers.


Tips for Discreet Shipping

CKS Pros:

MSNL was founded by a geneticist, and they take a scientific approach to developing their strains. They work with a collection of local breeders to develop their own strains, which they put through their own extensive testing. In part because of this focus on local development, their prices are typically a little lower than other sellers. That means you can get a great deal, especially if you catch the strain you want on sale. The flip side is that you’ll probably pay a little more for shipping to the United States.

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growing marijuana indoors in soil for beginners

Remember, a common mistake newbie growers make is to overwater plants.

You can let your plants get as big as you want, and can control when they flower and when you harvest, and you can start another batch right away or whenever you want. You can grow any time of year, even straight through winter or summer, and you’ll get consistent crops each time.

Fluorescent light fixtures, particularly those using high-output T5 bulbs, are quite popular with small-scale cannabis growers because:

Make sure all equipment is on, no breakers have flipped, and everything is running smoothly. Check lights, timers, fans, dehueys, ACs, and anything else that plugs into the wall or has a battery.

Watering and nutrients

Inexpensive options include standard plastic pots or cloth bags, while some growers choose to spend more on “smart pots” or “air pots”—containers designed to enhance airflow to the plant’s root zone.

Without proper airflow, a grow space can experience rapid changes in humidity or develop pockets of CO2 depletion, neither of which are good for plant growth. CO2 depletion can lead to nutrient lockout, and areas of high humidity are prone to pest infestation, mold, or mildew.

As much fun as growing marijuana indoors is, having a home that perpetually smells like fresh weed can be a serious inconvenience, if not to you than possibly your neighbors. Although weed odor from a small indoor grow in a closet is much easier to manage than a large grow with several flowering plants, both can produce pesky odors that will permeate an entire home if left unattended.

High-quality weed

Even in legal states, you may want to conceal your crop from judgmental neighbors and definitely from potential thieves. Growing indoors allows you to grow discreetly behind a locked door.

Many growers will start plants in a one-gallon pot and then transplant up to a bigger pot as plants get bigger. A lot of growers will transplant once, from a one-gallon to a five-gallon pot, and harvest from there. If your plants get bigger, they may need a seven- or ten-gallon pot.

Growing marijuana indoors in soil for beginners

Maintaining a grow journal and logging all major aspects of your grow is one of the cheapest, easiest things you can do to become a better grower. Logging daily temperatures along with water and feeding amounts will help you pinpoint problems, and may give you something to show other growers who can help you resolve issues, increase your yields, and save a troubled crop.

The two main options for an indoor garden are soil and hydroponic media. Consider the following:

Air movement is the least expensive component of creating an ideal environment for your plants. Even a gentle breeze can help keep pests and microbes from landing on your plants, move oxygen and carbon dioxide around the leaves, and create a uniform environment throughout your room. One of the easiest ways to maintain sufficient air circulation is by hanging oscillating fans on the walls or ceiling/grow tent corners and placing a small box fan on the floor. The goal with air circulation should be to mimic a light breeze and avoid powerful gusts that may harm your plants.

Deep Water Culture (DWC) is a modular bucket system that suspends the plant’s main stem in a net basket while the roots are completely immersed in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution. An air pump supplies the oxygen to the nutrient solution which circulates through 3-5 gallon, or 11.4-18.9 liter, pots. DWC buckets can be configured to run in a stand-alone drain-to-waste system, or all of the buckets can be connected together to run in a recirculating manner.

Frequently asked questions

The intensity of light and its placement within your grow space are important aspects to consider when choosing what kind of light to grow with. Low light levels will slow photosynthesis, delay growth, and result in poor yields. If your light is too far away the plant will not receive enough of it and will grow spindly. If your light is too close it can damage the plant and ruin your colas.

Ebb and flow systems, also known as flood and drain systems, are a popular type of recirculating system that uses a pump to bring water and nutrients from a reservoir into a flood tray where the plants are positioned in their grow medium. The nutrient solution floods the tray and gets absorbed by the roots and medium before slowly draining back into the reservoir. This process repeats itself on a timer to ensure that plants are properly hydrated.

AC systems maintain temperature and also dehumidify rooms. Fluctuations in humidity can affect plant health and should be controlled using a dehumidifier or humidifier, depending on conditions.


Even when growing cannabis legally, it’s a good idea to minimize your public visibility as a grower and take some mild to moderate precautions. Simple steps, such as not geotagging your location when you post grow pictures or hiding the glare from your grow lights when you run them at night, can go a long way in keeping your prized indoor garden secure.

Before you purchase any equipment, it is important to understand the possible limitations of an indoor garden. Consider the height of the ceiling, how much insulation your space offers, and your ease of access to electricity and water. Some local jurisdictions may also ask that indoor gardens mitigate odors during the flowering phase.

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blue heron seeds

MAMA: Known widely for its contribution to the medical cannacommunity, Harlequin is a Sativa-dominant strain known for producing equal ratios of CBD and THCA.

PAPA: The Blue Heron (Blue Magoo x Blue Magoo/Huckleberry2011) male was selected over the course of two years and over 120 plants. After thinning the selection down to two males, #111 male has proven to be the keeper that we were seeking.. Recessive traits of the Blue Magoo have been expressed all throughout the offspring.

Blue heron seeds

All phenos will have resemblance to the Blue Magoo, with some plants being more standout than others.

Pheno#1-(25%)- THis one has the most stretch to her, but reminds me very much like the mother in all other facets (dark in color, blueberry/huckleberry/rose/lemony smells)..

Pheno #2-(50%) Green with purple hues, stocky and most berry smelling out of the gene pool.

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pirate radio seeds

Pirate radio seeds

Engineered by The Farm Dna, Pirate Radio is a predominantly sativa spin-off of Somali Taxi Ride and Sour Bubble, resulting in an intense strain with potent transcending effects. Its taste profile is piney while the nuggets consist of long, fluffy colas that tend to be covered in trichomes. Highlighting the strong effects of Somali Taxi Ride and the fruity taste profile Sour Bubble, this strain of marijuana produces a fast-acting high that hits hard, leaving you energized and engaged. Pirate Radio is an excellent strain for any well-seasoned connoisseur seeking something new to explore.

Pirate Radio Strain Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects

Marijuana Guides does not currently have any consumer documentation regarding any possible effects from consuming the Pirate Radio marijuana strain. Please check back soon!

How to Breed Pirate Radio Seeds

Below you can find a list of strains that are parents and predecessors which led to the medicinal effects and properties of the Pirate Radio cannabis strain. It was through the breeding of these strains which led to the production of Pirate Radio marijuana seeds, while attempting to cultivate their combined effects and therapeutic properties. To breed your own Pirate Radio seeds, you would need to cultivate a mixture of the following strains:

On this episode of Protean Pirate Radio, Kyle and Mel sit down with the former workers of the Dandelion Community Cafe, The Seeds, where they walk us through their fight to unionize their local Orlando, FL cafe. You’ll hear from Travis, Bob, and Julia as they tell us how they and their fellow workers came together in the fight against unfair and exploitative business practices. It is infuriating, it is inspiring.

To support The Seeds and their continued organizing efforts, check out their Linktree here.

You can follow Central Florida IWW here.

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tropicana punch seeds

Tropicana punch seeds

FREE over £75

Heavier orders over 2kg

Standard delivery

(approx 1-3 working days)

(next working day – order by 2.30pm)

• smaller, light orders normally shipped ‘Royal Mail 24’ within the UK
• larger, heavy orders shipped by DPD or UPS Overnight couriers on UK mainland
• orders to customers in Northern Ireland, on Scottish islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Channel islands, other UK offshore islands or with a BFPO address are normally shipped by ‘Royal Mail 24’ or by DPD, depending on total weight and value
• free UK mainland delivery on orders over £75
• Express Shipping option available at checkout
• orders to customers outside the UK are normally shipped Air Mail or by DPD / Interlink to most mainland European addresses
• Air Mail restrictions mean items measuring over 10″ / 25cm, weighing over 1.75kg, aerosols, flammable products, marzipan and some other items cannot be shipped by Air Mail

We do not charge any more for delivery to Scottish Highlands or other rural / remote mainland addresses but please allow an extra couple of days for delivery.

It pairs well with almost everything starting from doing nothing, watching TV and finishing with yard games, completing art projects, craft, and walking in the city. Tropicana Punch strain is best reserved for daytime or evening usage.

This strain produces a tingly high, which settles in immediately and leaves consumers mentally uplifted and energized. This strain stimulates social activity accompanied by enjoyable relaxation and calmness. Some users reviewed that this marijuana provides them with a dreamy state and mellow kind of high.

Tropicana Punch is a hybrid plant bred by Oni Seed Co. Being an offspring of Tropicana Cookies and Purple Punch, the Tropicana Punch strain delivers the most delicious and bright flavor from its prominent parents. Its unique and well-balanced terpene profile consists of Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, plus Limonene that create a mouthwatering taste of pepper, orange, and passionfruit. It emerges earthy, sour, and sweet berry-like aroma. Its THC ratio ranges from 14% to 18%, which makes this weed intended for both newer and advanced users.

This strain may reduce stress, chronic fatigue, and depression leaving users free of bad, negative thoughts.

Its seeds are available online and may be purchased with ease. Its harvest period of 70 days or less when grown indoors.

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loud scout seeds

Loud scout seeds

Read the Loud Scout seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Loud Scout seeds.

mine puts off large purple buds with a heavy grape/fruit punch smell. the high is mild, more cerebral than physical. a nice get up and go smoke for any time of day, maybe not for right before sleep though.

About Loud Scout seeds

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Loud Scout seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Loud Scout seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

Most helpfull

Is it good to know what the flavor of Loud Scout is before you buy Loud Scout seeds online. It said Loud Scout tastes mostly like:

Loud scout seeds

You have experience with the medical qualities of Loud Scout? Sharing your information here maybe can help other people!

Pictures speak louder than words! Upload your "Loud Scout" Photos here and help other growers to get a better impression of this variety.

You’ve stumbled upon a Loud Scout related thread into a forum or growers community? Connect it here and enable othe users to find this information fast and easy!

Loud Scout, as far as genetics are concerned, is Girl Scout Cookies x Platinum OG. We have four phenotypes that we’re working with. And, uh, the first phenotype is the one that won the Cup.

Medical Values

Loud Seeds’ Loud Scout is a cupwinning variety and won the 1st Place at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2012 in the category Hybrid, submitted by Loud Seeds!

Do you know something more about Loud Seeds’ Loud Scout? Please help to make this database better and upload/connect your information here!

The winner of the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup for hybrids.


Our strain reviews are multilingual, searchable and can be very detailed – including data about the grow, aroma, effects and taste! Please upload your Loud Scout Review here to help the other seedfinder users!

Here you can find all info about Loud Scout from Loud Seeds. If you are searching for information about Loud Scout from Loud Seeds, check out our Basic Infos, Awards or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!