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pandora’s box seeds

Due to its enormous vigour and stretch this is a strain that benefits from being topped so that it grows out like a bush. Its multiple branches get so heavy with sticky buds that support will be need from about day 50 of florescence through to harvest at approx. 63 days. Up until now it has been tested indoors only but it requires no special skills such that a relative novice will obtain a successful harvest. Conical, rock-hard buds are covered in resin crystals that have a glassy appearance. Yields are very good.

Pandora’s Box is a cross between Jack The Ripper and Space Queen, although it could easily have been called JTR 2 stabilised. It is 70% sativa and is that rare thing, a cannabis strain that is virtually ceiling-free, in other words each puff gets you higher and higher.

SubCool likens the scent of Pandora’s Box to that of Northern Lights #5, slightly industrial with a citrus edge and notes of spice, hash and cherry. The effect is smoother than with Jack The Ripper and very uplifting. As already mentioned, each puff takes you higher and higher. Therapeutically this is an excellent strain for lifting depression. It is also very good for making extracts with such as full-melt hash tasting of lemon and cherry.

If you can handle the effects of Pandora’s Box, you’ll have a pleasant experience filled with happiness, euphoria, and energy. The first wave of this strain feels cheerful and light. Your body will be tempted to move around and release some of its energy in an effective way. Maybe a workout is in order? Or maybe you’ve thought about rearranging the furniture in your apartment? Whatever it is, give your body a way to move and explore.

Once you open Pandora’s Box, there’s no going back. There’s a myth in pop culture that Pandora’s Box comes with unlimited power and destruction — opening it could be the end of the world. Even though the marijuana strain is slightly less dramatic than that, novice smokers should be wary of this sativa-dominant strain. Pandora’s Box comes on hard and fast and may leave you with the sensation that you just got hit by the energy train.

Once you open Pandora’s Box, there’s no going back. Expect a wave of energy and happiness to come over you that will tempt your body to move around, when you smoke the first harvest from Pandora’s Box marijuana seeds. The second wave of this sativa-dominant strain leaves you relaxed and sleepy.


The second wave of Pandora’s Box, however, has the opposite sensation. What comes after the energy is a deep body stone that feels lazy, slow, and lethargic. Your body will eventually settle down and crave stillness — but that happy and giggly sensation will be there from beginning to end. Pandora’s Box marijuana plants reach a height of 5-feet.