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papayahuasca seeds

Papayahuasca seeds

Bursting with frosty purple and light green sugar leaves, this Karma’s Head Stash and Papaya crossed bud reminded me of butter lettuce. Its tropical nose and slight muddy jungle funk opened up into sweet papaya on the grind. It tasted of roasted fresh-cut jungle fruit when lit up in a joint.

Courtesy of AZ Nectar Farms

The high started above my eyebrows, rose into my temples, swirled behind my eyes and lifted my crown. Papayahuasca’s cerebral energy gave me a nearly out-of-body experience, with lots of soft focus and intense-for-cannabis psychoactivity. It’s ideal for experienced users looking to get out of their head for a while.


Papayahuasca seeds

Fidels seeds standout amongst current genetics due to the fact each genetic is hand selected by Fidel based its lineage. These genetics cannot be found anywhere else outside of Fidels Seed co.

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