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pearl scout cookies seeds

The Pearl Scout Cookies from @firelinecannabis1 was exactly what I expected from this grower, straight fire. Made my mind and body a bit lazy because of the body high and other relaxing cannabinoids present in these cookies.

Leafly claims that this hybrid strain has an uplifting cerebral effect, which is true, but it’s hard for me to sense. Its a good afternoon and evening bud because of the Cookies heritage and the decent levels of THC.

I too ended up petting my cat mr. Jamie Frazier dilly dilly the 3rd for 5 hours. Nice twist on the GSC strain. Now where the hell is my Lint roller. The taste was kindve non existent for me, but the smoke was smooth, light/mid scale on harshness. Nice huge green clouds Ioved smoking this despite no flavor. The effects were nice. Felt like I was wrapped in a blanket. Definately stoned, heavy eyes. Definately relaxing. Experiencing a lot of dry mouth but other than that, it's a side effect-free strain with a ton of benefits as far as I can tell. This feels like medical grade stuff.

insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, nausea. Medical attributes are INSANE! Although? Girl Scout is better. This is 23%. The Girl Scout I just had last month was 20% and it was much stronger. This strain is just CAKED with crystal's! Just nectar! pretty pretty. Petting the cat for 5 hours?? You know I sure hope Jeff Sessions doesn't read these? WOW you know he does. 5 stars and FIVE long hours with his CAT! ;P