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pink weed seeds


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Saludos Eva seeds.

Pink weed seeds

Medical marijuana patients worldwide benefit from Pink Kush’s properties in a number of ways. Here’s a list of mental and physical issues that Pink Kush weed can assist with:

Whether you want to impress your date or your Instagram followers — Pink Kush’s appearance is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

About Pink Kush Seeds

Pink Kush is a tantalizing indica-dominant hybrid that brings a multitude of effects that will make you beg for more. If you need a new Kush addition in your garden, look no further than Pink Kush.

Medical Properties of Pink Kush Seeds:

Pink Kush’s genetics are filled with medical potential at every corner.

Overall, Pink Kush can reach a height of 150cm indoors and 175cm outdoors.

The three dominant terpenes in Pink Kush seed are:

Strain Description and Properties

If you have your Pink Kush seeds on hand, allow this guide to illuminate essential information on cultivation methods, strain qualities, and much more.

As the smoke clears, the effects of Pink Kush quickly take hold. Within seconds, your entire body will feel light, as if a weight is taken off your shoulders. As your muscles relax, your mood simultaneously rises.