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pirate cake seeds

Pirate cake seeds

But whole bud smell in the jar? The high notes are fresh like the smell of a celery stalk you crack open right under your nose, with bitter greens and celery seed on the back end. Fresh green herbs, super herbaceous vs. spicy. Sweet fruit, orange rind big time. definitely some funk on the back end, slight cheesiness, but overall nice and fresh…no dead skunk. A torn or ground bud doesn't change it that much, it opens up some pepperiness, light fuel fume, and some of that skunk, but again nothing like the lingering or next-day aromas…herbal notes start to morph into some kind of dry spice.

I've been working on some Pirate Cake from Astoria Growers, purchased at Higher Health in Afton ($42 OTD for an 8th). I'm assuming everyone has strains that just click with them for specific and intangible reasons, and that's where I'm at with Pirate Cake. Windwalker from Native Veteran is still the "velvet sledgehammer" favorite from the trip, but so far compared to Creamsicle from Astoria and the Do-si-Dos (next strain for a deep dive) at Homestead Harvest I have to give the edge to this indica-leaning bud for overall effects and stank. Next one from this grower I want to try is Hash Head if it's still available when the next Native Veteran grow starts dropping.

I’m not out to get hammered, my goal is to be able to watch some television and just be in the moment with no nagging anxiety or recent muscle pain. The heavier “intro period” after vaping gets a little spacey, but is overall just very relaxing…a little bit dopey but still in control of my brain. I never start veering off into that familiar rabbit hole where you start questioning absolutely everything and falling into that weird uncomfortable introspective zone. I’m very prone to that, so Pirate Cake is a keeper. When the initial effects start to lighten up, I’m just in a good mood, super mellow and relaxed with a clear mind. Coasting, no anxiety, no munchies, excellent big muscle stretches, and unless it was the weekend and I was staying up super late the single dosing capsule is enough for me.

I’m not great at pulling tasting notes out of vape or smoke like I would for a cigar, but when vaping Pirate Cake has a really full, smooth mouth feel and lots of the sweetness and funk comes through in the flavor. minty fresh fruit if that makes any sense. I need to find the best method to get good tasting notes. The effects aren’t heavy immediately, there’s still time to run and get a drink and scroll through Netflix for the evening’s selection. It feels heavier after combustion sessions, but It’s never incapacitating by any stretch if you still have small tasks to get done. And the effects from a single dosing capsule makes the Crafty by far the most efficient device I’ve used thus far.

This is good looking cannabis. Some of the darker purple-black nug spots with big patches of orange reminds me of pictures of that Resonant Cult Black Cherry Pie I keep seeing. A few too many long stems in this batch but nothing crazy. I've sampled it on several evenings using the ArGo and Crafty+ with fine and coarse grinds, as well as a couple of small dry pipe bowls. The only online info I can find about the strain is associated with the grower Freddy's Fuego in Washington, and the majority of sites say it's a cross of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints. Freddy's Fuego website says it's a cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato, but lists that same cross for an entirely different strain. I do not have close to enough experience with dispensary flower to give an opinion on which it may be, and for all I know the Astoria grow is something completely different.

The pre-lit aroma is a funny thing. for several minutes after closing the jar you smell that old school dead skunk. A spent dosing capsule you forgot about on the shelf last night- dead skunk. Next morning car interior after blowing the smoke into the windows while smoking a small bowl in my garage- dead skunk. I don’t know if it’s common, but that smell doesn’t really present itself until it has rested a while after grinding. I absolutely love it, the stuff of my teenage dreams, but it is not subtle if you’re wanting to be discreet.

I'm still working my way through my recent Oklahoma stash, and I don't plan on sharing every single item but I will definitely write too-long reviews of anything I'd put in my regular rotation.

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