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plumberry seeds

Plumberry seeds

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Clown Royal (Gorilla Glue #4 x DJ Short F4 Blueberry) 13 Regular Seeds

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Velvet Ropes (Sacajawea #6 x F4 Blueberry) 13 Regular Seeds

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Strain: Plumberry Kush.

my acorn grows into palm tree sapling, so probably every tree grows from acorn randomly
By all, I didn’t meant all. Just the ones planted on the bamboo bluffs which is the topic. Planted 30 in different areas of that island and plumberry is all I get.

ok, lol, I see now. Got an Acorn with the Ultrahammer not realizing later that it is just a decoration and tried to plant it. Layed it on the ground and used the regular hammer to convert it.

Edit: I had no issues with the other trees, but I can’t manage to grow a pine seedling anywhere

Plumberry seeds


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