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purple paralysis seeds

Purple paralysis seeds

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Purple Paralysis is known for providing a very phenomenal yield of the lightly colored buds that have purple and blue tones throughout. Purple Paralysis is described as having a hashish like aroma that is accompanied by a spicy flavor that has hints of sweet lavender. Many people have also called this strain Jellyfish Bud due to the amazing colors and effects that it produces. Growers absolutely love this fire ass strain of grass for its delightfully bountiful yields that average 450 grams per meter squared when grown indoors.
Outdoor growers don’t worry because these ladies have you covered too as they are known to produce massive yields averaging 650 grams per meter squared when grown outdoors. The best part is these ladies flower in as little as 65-70 days! Get your Purple Paralysis seeds from Cream of the Crop seeds here at Ice Headshop today! You can be sure that these genetics will fit perfectly in your cannabis seed collection!

Note: We receive new seeds stock daily, on occasions yours will be ordered in & posted the very next day.

Purple Paralysis is a very serious sativa strain. This sativa dominant hybrid variety of ganja is a powerful combination of two legendary and mind blowing strains. The combination of Power Plant and Lavender makes up Purple Paralysis which is a perfect name for the effects that accompany this strain and its high THC concentration that averages around 22%. The concentration of the psychoactive cannabinoid that we all love THC provides a very immobilizing and debilitating effect on many consumers even the most seasoned of tokers.

Purple paralysis seeds

Purple Paralysis Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Cream Of The Crop

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Purple Paralysis Feminised cannabis plant has a debilitating effect on even the most veteran of smokers.

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