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purple yoda seeds

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Purple Yoda is an indica strain . It's origins are currently unknown in our system.

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You’ve heard of Master Jedi before, but what about Master Yoda Autoflowering marijuana seeds? There seems to be a direct correlation between the marijuana community and the Star Wars franchise. If you’ve never seen the movies before, Yoda is the little green guy that passes on wisdom to Luke Skywalker and others. Some say the Master Yoda Auto strain can make you smarter by keeping your brain and creativity boosted throughout the day.

Users typically notice incredible pain control and management with Master Yoda Autoflowering marijuana seeds. This hard-hitting indica starts with a cerebral buzz and ends with deep sedation and relaxation.

Users may feel invincible and powerful enough to take over the galaxy with this indica-dominant hybrid in the mix. The Master Yoda Auto journey begins with a euphoric and inspiring rush to the head. This is when your most creative thoughts will come to you — perfect for brainstorming to finishing a project. The second wave of Master Yoda targets the body, leaving you relaxed and pain-free.


Users typically notice great pain control with Master Yoda Autoflowering marijuana seeds. What happens next is deep sedation, relaxation, and bedtime. Even the strongest forces in the galaxy need their rest. Beginner smokers should watch out for this strain as they may succumb to the overwhelming feeling of couchlock and paranoia. Master Yoda is best saved for master smokers. May the force be with you!