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rainbow jimmies seeds

Rainbow jimmies seeds

These gazelle horns are made with almond paste flavoured with orange blossom and cinnamon and because I felt like giving them a little fun touch, I’ve added rainbow sprinkles to the mix! They are also covered in sesame seed which gives them a delicious crunch and a nutty flavour. They’re totally addictive!.

Makes 14 gazelle horns

250g ground almond


• Mix in in the sprinkles, making sure that they are evenly distributed. Divide the paste into 14 equal-sized portions, then shape each into a cylinder 5cm long.

Rainbow jimmies seeds

Stover’s Sweet Shoppe Rainbow Sprinkles are brightly colored rainbow jimmies with a satisfying crunch and sweetness to take all of your sweet treats to the next level. Stover’s Sweet Shoppe Rainbow Sprinkles are vegan and won’t fade or bleed when baked.

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