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ramses seeds

Ramses seeds

Ramses is not only an impressive plant in terms of her stature and the vigor with which she grows. Smoke this marijuana and you will feel its flavors that mix citrus notes with Haze hints. 18% THC produces a potent high which, thanks to its sativa dominance, is very cerebral and long lasting. A perfect strain for daytime consumption, to lift morale, to boost energy and give an extra boost of creativity.

If you grow her indoors, make sure you have enough space for her to stretch. If your spaces were limited, you could reduce its vegetative phase by a few weeks, otherwise you will find it attached to the lamp before you know it. Depending on the conditions, it can reach heights between 90 and 180cm. Just like many other top-notch sativas, it’s definitely not one of the fastest flowering strains. In fact, Ramses needs 75-80 days to mature her considerable load of elongated and very tasty buds. Ramses grown outdoors can be ready by mid-September. Expect indoor yields of 500g / m� and impressive outdoor yields of 1000g / plant under optimal conditions.

Ramses is one of the most intriguing strains from Pyramid Seeds, thanks to its genetic heritage that is partly shrouded in mystery. This plant is the result of the cross between a classic Amnesia Haze and a variety from Pyramid Seeds’ private reserve. The result is an impressive (80%) sativa that lives up to its name. It boasts fast, vigorous growth and productivity that won’t let you down.

Ramses by Pyramid Seeds is a very special sativa that will not disappoint you. It may not be the easiest plant to grow, but it will still reward you with exceptional aromas and very potent sativa marijuana.

Ramses seeds

Its flowering period lasts just 75 to 85 days, while it forms long colas generously covered with resin, and exuding a lemony aroma enriched with Haze notes.

This variety comes from a cross between the famous Amnesia Haze and a line selected by Pyramid Seeds, obtaining a hybrid composed of 80% Sativa genetics.

Ramses displays vigorous growth and a tall structure, easily growing into large plants: in indoor cannabis cultivation, a shorter veg period will allow you to keep Ramses at a suitable size, or otherwise you can employ the SCROG technique to control its height.

Ramses is a Haze hybrid developed by Pyramid Seeds to create a vigorous Sativa line with a citric aroma and long-lasting cerebral effect. Now available in AlchimiaWeb’s collection of feminised cannabis seeds!

The Sativa character of Ramses is also expressed in its effect, a stimulating and long-lasting high.