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red light bulbs for growing weed

Red light bulbs for growing weed

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MiracleLED 604600 Spectrum Grow Light

The lamp can deliver a perfect red light that is suitable for stimulating fruiting and flowering in plants.

Growstar UFO 150W All Deep Red LED Grow Light

The grow lamp is not waterproof; hence, you can only use it indoors.

Red light bulbs for growing weed

Shading events change the R: FR ratio but so does the daily shift in the outdoor light spectrum. At the end of the day, there’s proportionately more far-red during twilight, and the ratio goes down.

As a master cannabis cultivator, you know the importance of the horticultural lighting spectrum. You understand how cannabis uses green light, and why blue light and red light are critical for robust growth.

The Science Behind FR Light

As leaves do not easily absorb FR, the far-red light is also able to penetrate deeper into the canopy similar to green light.

Our researchers grew tomatoes in a climate-controlled environment using 1) full-spectrum light without FR, (2) full-spectrum light with FR enrichment, and (3) full-spectrum light with FR applied only at the end of the day.

What is Far-Red Light?

Far-red (FR) light is light at the furthest edge of the light spectrum, beyond red light, near-infrared. Our human eyes can barely perceive its long wavelength of 700-750 nm. But for plants, FR is very noticeable and quite important.