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rene seeds

Rene seeds

At the time, the seed industry was male-dominated, says Beth Benjamin, a horticultural advisor at Renee’s Garden who has worked with Shepherd since her early days. Benjamin recalls attending industry conferences with Shepherd, who insisted on tasting broccoli, beans, or other vegetables in the field, while male executives either stood on the sidelines or went golfing.

Shepherd has written two cookbooks, organizing them by vegetable so that growers can have multiple recipes at their fingertips during a big tomato harvest, for example. International growers seek her out, Benjamin says, looking for new varieties “that Renee might like.” And she’s appeared in countless YouTube videos—a petite, pragmatic woman in her straw garden hat, interviewed by experts who are eager to tap into her deep knowledge.

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“All pumpkins need to mature properly, so wait to pick until rinds are fully colored and tough enough to resist piercing with a fingernail and vines have died back. Then cut, leaving a good stem handle. Let them cure for 10 days in the sun, then store in a cool dry place and they’ll keep for months.”


Always ahead of new plant trends, today Shepherd is interested in new varieties of nutrient-dense vegetables, like purple carrots and ombre eggplant. In her test garden now: new varieties of single serving-size cantaloupes.

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Another Canadian legend, the René is rumoured to come from a Himalayan Indica crossed with a Skunk#1 male. She has beautiful emerald-green popcorn style buds, smells strong and fruity, and she’s super stony.

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Rene seeds

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