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road dawg seeds

Road dawg seeds

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A Co Op with Karma Genetics friend JJ.NYC from topdawg seeds.

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They selected a Stardawg female which yields very well and easy, giving Sour Chemmy Sneaker smells, Karma’s Biker OG male tightend the bud structure, the results are mind blowing.


That Real Deal Chem Sour OG, with a hint of tropical fruit.

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Road dawg seeds

Road Dawg is an unique and unusual plant with a characteristic terpene profile that’s a mixture of bitter and pungent earthy flavours with a touch of tropical fruit.

Hunt down the Road Dawg now at Alchimiaweb’s online grow store! Karma Genetics present the feminised version of this super stinky strain, a must for lovers of terpene-rich OG/Chem/Sour varieties.

Vigorous and easy to cultivate, this Indica-Sativa hybrid grows quickly, forming plenty of productive side branches. It finishes flowering in 9 to 11 weeks and gives very good yields, often requiring support to stop the branches bending under the weight of the compact and resinous buds.

Created in collaboration with JJ of Top Dawg Seeds, Road Dawg is the result of the cross between JJ’s StarDawg (Chem Dawg x Tres Dawg) and Karma’s Biker Kush.

The effect is well-balanced with a stimulating and cerebral high accompanied with a powerful physical relaxing sensation, typical of these hybrid varieties.