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royal cherry diesel seeds

Buddha’s Triplets was designed to have all the bells and whistles that you would expect from an OG, but with a funky twist. The funk comes in with cherry tart candy tones and a sour lemon pink. This leaves us with a cherry candy-flavored OG. The Buddha’s Triplets strain was designed to meet three goals; taste delicious, deliver hefty yields, and be simple to grow. These characteristics are what make this strain an excellent inspiration to birth Triple Cherry Diesel. With a profile as great as this, what more could you want to create? The seed breeders over at Sin City decided to cross Buddha’s Triplets with Sour Jack to create an even funkier phenotype variety. Let’s see what Sour Jack has to offer.

As you can tell from the genetic lineage, the Triple Cherry Diesel will typically contain high THC levels. And while Sin City is known for their dank strains, they are also known for their opaque cannabinoid levels. However, we do know that the Triple Cherry Diesel seed strain will typically contain THC levels around the high teens to low 20’s. Considered as a social strain, Triple Cherry Diesel is loved for its uplifting and mood lightening stimulation.

Triple Cherry Diesel Cannabis Seeds from Sin City Seeds

Let’s get back to Triple Cherry Diesel.

Sour Jack is best described as a balanced hybrid, a strain that typically carries a 50/50 ration between Indica and Sativa. However, most people describe this strain as having more sativa effects.

Triple Cherry Diesel Genetics

Triple Cherry strain seeds are not an easy strain to come by, but you can get yours today right here at Seed City. As a collector’s item, the seeds hold excellent genetic heritage as well as the excellent potential for future, legal, germination, and cultivation.

Royal Cherry Diesel is a well-balanced hybrid strain created by crossing Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel into one sweet-smelling, uplifting strain. Cherry Diesel gives off a high that is ideal for those who want to be productive with their day. When growing, this strain blooms with dense, sticky buds that give off a fragrant cherry aroma after its 8 to 9 week flowering cycle. Cherry Diesel originated from MTG Seeds

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