Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Sativa is a plant with an innate curiosity that needs to explore the world. Born in hot and humid climates, Sativa has evolved into one of nature’s most prized specimens. The native herb thrives at altitudes below 30 degrees north latitude such as Thailand or Mexico where it can spend its long summers exploring all possible avenues for growth through easeful flowering cycles lasting between two weeks and four months which are much longer than Indica counterparts from harsher conditions up North like Canada, Siberia, Russia or Alaska.

Believe it or not, the key difference between Sativa and Indica marijuana seeds is their shape. At first glance, they look exactly alike: a small brown seed with an elongated tail at one end. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see that Indica cannabis seeds are irregularly shaped while Sativa weed has more of an asymmetrical design along its backside edge.

Sativa cannabis plants are tall, slender, and have a lightweight. They grow in spiral-shaped buds with long leaves that create the appearance of being delicate to touch. Sativa seeds lack any markings on them and will be soft when you come across one so it should not take much effort for your fingers to penetrate through its surface. The colors vary depending on soil conditions but they tend towards shades of green which makes these types more aesthetically pleasing than other strains like Indica or Kush hybrids who give off dark hues such as browns, blacks, or purples due to their denser growth patterns.

The cannabis plant is a fascinating specimen that offers many different options. The Sativa and Indica strains both offer their own unique benefits, but they do come with tradeoffs as well. For instance, pure Sativas are better for people who want to be more energized throughout the day whereas pure Indicas can make users feel sleepy or lethargic in comparison. However, hybrids of these two strains usually maintain some prominent traits from either side so you get an idea of what you’re looking for without having to go too far down one path before trying out another option!

Sativa strains and hybrids often provide an energetic high that is not as heavy-handed or sleepy to the senses as Indica. They also tend to lead a person’s mind into new creative directions, perfect for those who enjoy exploring their artistic side!

Sativa strains are known for their stimulating effects, which may be perfect if you have depression or ADD. Sativas provide a more uplifting and energizing high than Indica varieties do. For those who want to ease pain relief with marijuana, Sativa might not offer what they’re looking for. But it can still work as alternative medicine in certain cases like fatigue or anxiety disorders.

The high from marijuana is often best when you’re by yourself or with one other person. A Sativa experience can be a more introspective, thoughtful state of mind that deals well with social anxiety and depression. It also stimulates conversation while relaxing the body to produce an uplifted feeling for those who use it recreationally in social settings such as coffee shops where others can share their thoughts too!


Sativa cannabis seeds have the advantage of not staying in a vegetative state as long, which means they’re cheaper to grow indoors. They can also handle humidity and heat much better than Indica plants, making them ideal for growing during the summer since most growers are forced inside due to these weather conditions.

What kind of grow space do you have? If it’s indoors, make sure to find marijuana seeds that will fit the height. Some strains can get much taller than others and if your indoor room has a low ceiling or is not large enough for tall plants, choose wisely before selecting one that might be better suited for outdoor growing with warmer climates. Another consideration when choosing which Sativa cannabis seed varieties to start is how long they take in their flowering phase – some only need 9 weeks while others require up to 16 so plan accordingly!

To minimize the risk of damaging your plants, it is important not to let them grow too tall. Sativas especially need space during the blooming phase because they put on most of their height then and can easily be damaged by getting close to lights or ceilings if given a chance. The roots also have limited room so make sure you provide plenty while planting marijuana seeds in containers that will allow for more THC production!

Sativa strains are sensitive to environmental factors, and one of the most difficult things for them is making it through cold climates. Sativa seeds do not survive in a frosty environment. They will quickly die after exposure if left on their own. You can avoid this by using hydroponic nutrients or organic soils when growing indoors. Anything that helps your crop thrive without being affected too much by external forces outside its control. This comes with other benefits though, you’ll be able to harvest more often than if you were dealing with a cool climate!

Sativa seeds are, by their nature, finicky. They need a perfect environment for them to thrive and grow in the best way possible. One thing they can’t tolerate is too much heat. So you’ll want to keep your greenhouse or home at no more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the flowering time (usually two weeks). In addition to this precautionary measure against overheating plants that prefer cooler climates, it’s also important not to exceed 55% humidity. Any higher will lead Sativas into an unhappy state with stunted growth and leaves turning brown from wilting due to dry air conditions!

Sativa strains grow best when they flower. To make them grow faster, you can shorten the days to eight hours until it is time to harvest it. After you have harvested your Sativa strains, dry them so that they will be ready when you want to use them.


Starting from seed is a great way to grow the most flavorful, potent cannabis. A newbie may think that buying their weed at a dispensary would be the best option because they don’t know how much work goes into growing it themselves. But choosing your own seeds and cultivating them with care can yield amazing results. There’s nothing like being in charge of every step along the process! Let me walk you through some highlights so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about: hydration, soil quality, fertilizer use… It all matters when trying to cultivate an excellent pot harvest.

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  1. (5/5)

    I just got my order, and I am so excited. The seeds are going to germinate tonight! This is the best service yet from this company – they’re always on time with their shipments. I have been ordering fruit trees from them for years now but it’s never a bad idea before you get your new plants in case there was something wrong or miss information is given about how things grow out here at elevation 5500 feet do some more research online if needed.

  2. (5/5)

    I was so excited to start my first grow, but it wasn’t as easy as expected. The 4×4 lights gave off way too much heat for the tent and caused all of these seeds I started in trashy soil plugs to die before they could even germinate! But what stuck with me most is how huge those GG stalks were after just 2 months. UV light must really help them Frost-if faster than others though because now mine are nice and frosty (pun intended). Next time around will do 7-gallon pots instead of 5 which should keep everything shorter/ bushier again.

  3. (5/5)

    It’s always a good idea to try and germinate as many seeds in one go! My 4 seed experiment worked out well. I started with two Gorilla Glue Germinated, but only one of them sprouted into Bruce Banner plants – hopefully, they can get me another batch without fail next time around because these are some strong babies that will grow really fast once planted outdoors or inside where it is warm all year round (respectively).

  4. (5/5)

    You know, I really like the Blue Dream. It’s my favorite strain and can’t wait to try the LSD! The plants are pretty happy right now too – they’ve germinated within a few days of receiving their seeds (germination time is key!).