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Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Meaning of Sativa seeds

Who doesn’t love a cool Sativa? However, this plant may be quite difficult to grow. We will gladly help you with this task! In our online store, you can buy the best Sativa seeds and get the support of our experts.


Sativa originates from the tropics. Due to the hot climate and long summer in this area, the plant has a long flowering time. Actually, it takes much more time to flower than Indica (which appeared in a more severe climate). Sativa grows in such places as Mexico, Thailand, and India.

Sativa seeds are almost indistinguishable from Indica seeds. Therefore, it is very important to you buy the cannabis seeds only from a proven seller.


Sativa cannabis grow very tall. Some of the plants are about 5 meters high. The plant is characterized by thin leaves and spiral buds. Sativa seeds are smooth and don’t have special marks on them. The leaves are usually light green in color. This plant produces a bit lighter yields than Indica.

However, not many people choose just Sativa or Indica seeds. Most of them prefer hybrids (i.e. the combination of both plants, which is more similar to Sativa than to Indica).


Sativa seeds and hybrids with a high content of sativa fill you with (unlike Indica). In addition, they usually make the person more creative. Using Sativa rarely leads to being toasted. In contrast, its’ effect is rather refreshing. Sativa can help you come up with new ideas. Lots of artists like Sativa because it helps them create.

Sativa is rarely consumed for medicinal purposes since the majority of people choose a more relaxing high. Nevertheless, it is useful for the treatment of specific conditions, including exhaustion, depressive disorder, and attention deficit disorder. Even though almost all medical cannabis users prefer Indica or the strains with a high content of CBD, Sativa can also offer significant relief.

If you consume cannabis for recreational purposes, you’ll definitely like the dizzying effect of this plant. Another benefit of Sativa is that it can be consumed in any form.

How to cultivate Sativa?

Although Sativa is usually more difficult to grow than Indica, it still has its benefits. For instance, Sativa doesn’t need intense light and much heat. As a consequence, Sativa is less expensive to grow inside the house. In addition, Sativa is not so sensitive to heat and humidity as Indica, which is very important if you’re going to cultivate the plant indoors in summer.

Where to grow: inside or outside the house?

While planting your Sativa seeds, you should realize how tall your plant can become. As Sativa can be more than 30% higher than Indica, you should consider planting the seeds in the open (in case you live in the warm country) indoors (given that your house has high ceilings). If you decide to cultivate cannabis indoors, chose the option that will fit into your space. You have an opportunity to change the height of your plants by covering them in the third and fifth weeks of the vegetation stage.

Sativa grows especially fast during the flowering stage, so we recommend you trim it as soon as it reaches the height of 60 cm. Otherwise, your plant may soon be damaged from reaching the ceiling. And don’t forget that the roots also need room. While planting your autoflowering cannabis seeds, leave enough space in the plot so that the plant can grow to the fullest. In addition, it will increase THC content in the plant.

Remember that Sativa is very sensitive to the natural factors. The seeds of these plants can’t grow in the cold climate, in poor-quality water or with a lack of nutrients. To improve your indoor growing experience, you should give preference to organic soils or hydroponic fertilizers. If you don’t do it if your plant may grow into a hermaphrodite.

Adequate light intensity

Sativa prefers well-lit rooms. Keep in mind that the more light your seeds receives, the better they will grow. The perfect temperature for your plant will about 75-80 ºF, and the humidity- about 60% (maintaining these conditions is vital during the flowering phase).

Your Sativa plant will give out most of its THC and essential oils as its flowers. If your goal is your Sativa strains grow quicker, you should reduce the duration of the “day” for the plant to 7-8 hours during the week that precedes the harvest. As soon as you harvest your plant, make sure to dry it carefully.

Optimal seeds for the beginners

Cannabis may be a bit complicated to cultivate for several reasons, but you shouldn’t worry. Although growing pure Sativa isn’t the easiest task, the same can’t be said about sativa hybrid strains. Using the latter, even the beginner can grow the perfect Sativa plants. All you need is to choose the right seeds.

Choose feminized seeds

By cultivating your own cannabis plant, you can get the top-quality marijuana. If you buy the seeds from a seed bank, you get the opportunity to control every single aspect of the cultivation process. Lots of cannabis users decide to grow their own marijuana, as this helps them save costs and get the high-quality product that meets all your requirements.

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