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seed and weed program

Weed and Seed is a Department of Justice initiative designed to weed out violent crime, drug use, and gang activity from selected neighborhoods and to help prevent crime from reoccurring by seeding those sites with a wide variety of resources.

Chelsea Weed and Seed Initiative is more than a program, it is both a philosophy and a comprehensive strategy. Its goal is to reduce and prevent crime and improve residents’ overall quality of life while stimulating the revitalization of our community.

Our mission is to bring together local human and institutional resources to combat crime and promote the safety and wellbeing of our neighborhoods.

Seed and weed program

Look beyond the obvious places for partners too. How about the local library, training providers, arts organizations and individual artists, musicians, drug counseling, drug courts, religious orders or non-profits providing options for prostitutes, employment programs that really work, entrepreneurship support projects, healthy corner store or food initiatives happening in your community, and so forth.

It also said to potential offenders that they couldn’t rely on residents being afraid to testify.

For this you should a major community engagement campaign. People have to be told and shown that law enforcement is strong enough to protect them from retaliation if they report suspicious activities and people.

Keys to Success with a Program Based on the Weed and Seed Idea

We were very sorry to see this program go, because of its effective combination of extra law enforcement (weeding), networking for social services and education providers in the community (seeding), and resident meetings aimed at mobilizing the population to report questionable activities and follow through when they need to testify.

We think you still could imitate the structure, described in detail in this publication on the Weed and Seed strategy, to some extent at the local level, although your hard-pressed law enforcement agencies may or may not be able to obtain extra attention from the Department of Justice for drug, gun, and other federal law violations. We turn now to how you would organize such a program.

Some Observations about This Community Drug Program

Homelessness. This can be another area that complements a program similar to Weed and Seed. This isn’t to imply that homeless people are criminals or drug users, but failure to deal with the homeless population can make them either targets or perpetrators if they become desperate.

For this program to be successful in the long-run, there must be local community buy-in.

The Weed and Seed program is a community based strategy sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that aims to prevent, control, and reduce violent crime, drug abuse, and gang activity in designated high crime neighborhoods across the nation.

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It is an innovative, comprehensive, multiagency approach to law enforcement, crime prevention, and community revitalization. Under this program, law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and

other criminal justice partners work to “weed out” crime in targeted communities. After that private community based organizations and public agencies work to address human services, prevention, and intervention programs, and neighborhood restoration efforts to “seed” the community in a positive fashion. Community policing acts as the bridge between weeding and seeding efforts.