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seed to weed casselman

Seed to weed casselman

At Nutri-Lawn, we deliver on our promise to nourish your lawn to health, all while using the most organic and ecologically sustainable solutions possible.

Have peace of mind knowing you’re only using organically based products. Our Organics NL program features seasonally timed treatments that ensure a healthy lawn with balanced fertility, minimised weeds, and less risk of insects – all without the use of synthetic pesticides.

Our Lawn Care Services

Nourish your lawn with Nutri-Lawn. Our lawn care technicians will provide advice on how to get your grass looking lush, including recommended cultural practices that will help you enjoy your landscape again, and improve your curb appeal.

Organics NL

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we nourish lawns and lives™

Seed to weed casselman

That is the point. Denver Relief, one of 500 medicinal marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, offers itself as testament to the fact you can openly, legally sell the drug without the sky falling or drugged zombies rampaging.

Just as Colorado and other states pre-empted the federal government’s abandonment of alcohol prohibition in 1933, the same may happen with pot, albeit slowly and unevenly.

State officials, including senators, members of congress and mayors, said they would respect the decisions, but no one knows quite what will happen next. Under federal law, pot remains illegal. The Obama administration cracked down on dispensaries in California, where chaotic regulation has led to abuses. Activists say – hope – the feds will leave Colorado and Washington alone because their regulation is tighter and a second-term president should be looser.