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shelf growing cannabis

A shelf garden set-up with the fluorescent lights is likely to offer a very cost-effective option for cannabis growing. Fluorescents are perfect for shelf gardening. A shelf garden is able to feature multiple shelves placed one after another, and the lamps are situated over the top of each of the shelving units. A shelving unit is likely to be set-up with either 12-hour lighting for the flowering process or 24-hour lighting for the initial growth development. Ideally, you want to set up two separate areas with a second area used for germination and cloning the seeds.

If installing the hang shop-style lights you might want to use chains and ensure that they are able to rely on a mechanism that provides easy adjustment to ensure that they are kept at the ideal height above the plants (one or two inches). Lights kept at a greater distance aren’t likely to provide as much benefit for the plants and this could result in the plants growing with spindly, long stems, and are likely to generate the desired bud at time of maturity. And that relates to the longer internode length, which concerns the stem length between the sets of leaves. A shorter length is certain to mean extra internodes, which means extra branches, so a plant is likely to offer a greater number of buds in limited space when it comes to harvest the plants.

A significant negative to shelf gardening is the requirement to adjust the lamp height on a daily basis in line with the development of the plants. This can limit having a break from tending to the plants. This is most likely to refer to the vegetative stage where you are likely to see that plants grow in spurts of approx 1-inch each day. A lamp isn’t likely to be adjusted as frequently once the flowering process is able to commence.

Shelf growing cannabis

To increase bud quality and be the proud farmer of top-shelf cannabis buds, you need to make sure you’re giving your plant the correct nutrients in all stages of growth. Below is a list of the three most important nutrients to use:

Growing top-shelf marijuana is the holy grail of horticultural pleasures. To grow top shelf bud is a craft that can be attained by following certain growing techniques and guidelines. To help you grow the best cannabis, we have compiled a list of eight highly successful growing tips. Follow these – and you’ll be harvesting top shelf bud with your next harvest!

2. Let there be Light and Top Shelf Indoor Cannabis

A good way to keep your cannabis plants from drying too quickly, is to trim the branches only after they’ve been dried. You can also decide to trim your buds before you dry them. The cannabis can then be hung or put on a rack to dry them. We recommend leaving on as much stem as you can as it slows the drying process, and is easy to remove later. Try to dry your cannabis as long as possible, somewhere between five or ten days.

1. Quality Genetics for Growing Top Shelf Buds

Phosphorus is very important for the development of your top shelf flowers. Feeding your plants with phosphorous during the flowering stage will deliver more top shelf buds.