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short marijuana plant seeds

Short marijuana plant seeds

Short cannabis plants have many benefits for the farmer. Perfect for development in small spaces, our list of short (up to 80cm) cannabis plants are known for their small stature. It is important to avoid Sativa seeds if you want a smaller cannabis plant, for Sativas can reach tall heights. Instead, it is probably better to go for Indica plants (or Indica dominant) and Autoflowering plants as they are known for being much smaller and thicker in appearance. Our short (up to 80cm) cannabis plants seeds collection at Seed City includes: THC Bomb, AK49 Auto, Acapulco Gold, 8 Ball Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Northern Light, Pineapple Express Automatic, Purple Cheese, Quick One, and many more.

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Explore our selection and offers here right now to get your hands on the seeds for shorter cannabis plants.

Black Widow – Seed City Seeds

This strain of cannabis seeds called Black Widow is pretty widely known in the marijuana world. As one of the most popular strains, this plant produces a potent.

Short marijuana plant seeds

While Marijuana Seeds NL isn’t the oldest seed bank brand, it is arguably the first successful marijuana seed bank, and with a name that is still trusted today.

Shipping time is 7-25 days which means it could be there quickly – as the company implies their delivery time is better than average, or there could be instances where the package is late.


12. Sonoma Seeds – Most Promising New Seeds Bank

While many companies do seem to be a Canadian seed bank store, I Love Growing Marijuana and Rocket Seeds are both based in the United States and have a reputation for high-quality seeds.


9. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Most Popular Cannabis Seeds Packs

Being in possession of cannabis seeds is not illegal, since they could be bought for collectible or research purposes. However, there are some complicated federal and state laws that might result in seed confiscation, or very rarely, some legal trouble.