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skidmarx seeds

Skidmarx seeds

I ran 2 plants originally (check out sshz’s ZI diary hes happy if we keep that thread alive)
And both were stong as hell (defo mid to high 20’s thc) despite both being chopped early. ZI for me is a citrusy/gassy stank like a airfix glue and citrus chemical cleaner. But the smoke was sweet n spicy on inhale, quite deceptive compared to the fuck up it gives in effect (for me its a defo night timer). Despite a sweetish exhale I do cough if the spliff is packed but thats to do with sheer power. My fave is to blend 30%/70% ZI & A Royal Kush x. I get the best of both. Only love for ZI from friends & family too. Ethics aside you invested well!

That one is a clone and I only chopped her yesterday. She has been left 90 odd days. I left her till she was collapsing under her own weight. all milky trics with 5% cloudy.

I typically go about 28 days in veg, so that puts them to around 22-25 inches. I put them under a lot of light early on so that tends to make them taller than some of you will get to. Then I flower them. This is a strain that puts off a lot of branches, lots of trimming in the end. If I was you, I would pinch the crap out of them, last pinch 5 days before flowering. Then lollipop the bottom 1/3 of all branches. This will keep them shorter but increase the bud sites with nice sized buds.

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These are 2 different plants

"How tall would you recommend I let her get before I flip? She’s currently 10-11” tall at 4 weeks after clone transplant with the net above her sitting 11” above the soil. I have 42” between the top of the soil and the bottom of the light when it’s fully raised, I’m trying to fill my tent with this plant if I can. Growing with a mars hydro reflector 96 in a 2.75×2.75×5’ tent in soil w nectar of the gods nutrients. I was thinking 12-15” to allow 24-30” of total grow with 12-18” of space for my light above my plant"


I probably would have selected a different breeder for my first grow if I went through this thread first, but Ethos seemed to check a lot of the boxes I was looking for. I wanted a plant that grew with some wow factors, and popped a Planet of the Grapes bean. It’s been 43 days since the flip and she’s looking special with her bluish grey leaves and frosty buds that smell like grape jolly rancher. Looking forward to watching as she continues to bloom.

Sshz will you look at my picture of sweet insanity tell me how long you think it has to go?
I Want to get a second opinion, these are 59 days in, Some of the plants are turning quite yellow and I’m worried they’re not gonna make it past day 70

Skidmarx seeds

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Dutch Passion GlueBerry OG ( x2 )

i was a problemt too,
now im in control or little
+10 years buying seeds around the world,
+ 10years making seeds so alot of shit
the last time i sell to my friends the packs to my collection,because i dont have time/space for all and is better for they make others selections and share the cut,

glo having a sale on Cannarado gear – 10 Packs for $250 so I couldn’t resist

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Cannarado Kitchen Sink ( x2 )
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Cannarado Sweet Bread
Cannarado Uber ( x2 )
CSI Humbolt ( Nspecta ) Chemdog 91 ( SKVA Cut ) ( S1 ) ( x2 )
CSI Humbolt ( Nspecta ) Bully Sticks
CSI Humbolt ( Nspecta ) Snausages

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real seed company

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