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skunk shocker seeds

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Skunk shocker seeds

Amco is a non funded Review, We do receive a few Ocb papers and Ooze products to review couple times a year .

The genetics of this strain is a cross of Lemon Skunk and Three In the Pink. There are three main terpenes listed on weedmaps: Caryophyllene, Limonene and Humulene. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge of Humulene. In research I found that it was previously classified as Caryophyllene because it is almost always found with high Caryophyllene dominate strains. Skunk Shocker is a well balanced 50/50 hybrid. I did find a seed but we’ll just add it to the seed bank in case Arkansas ever legalizes the right to grow.

The look rates 7 out of 10. The eighth ounce presents in multiple shades of greens with purple accents, topaz pistils and glistening tricombs. The bud size is small but dense and compact.

The Cure

Skunk Shocker by Natural State Medicinal and purchased from Green Springs Medicinal

The smell rates 6 out of 10. The aroma of this flower is mostly citrus. Mizz oo7 said it smelled like dirty lemon pine sol mop water. I’m also finding the pepper notes of Caryophyllene and clove notes of Humulene, but the skunkiness of Myrecene is minimal.

The cure rates 8 out of 10. Under magnification, the tricombs are mostly opaque with respectable amber head here or there and a few clear. Im pressed with the quality of the cure but there is the seed I found that will deduct a point


The effect rates 8 out of 10. I made sure to have this sample as the first medication of the day, so I would be sober and hurting. I got little body effect, maybe lowering my chronic and muscle pain by one level on the pain scale. It didn’t relieve my nerve pain at all. It did lift my brain fog and cleared my sinuses.

There no shame in a rolling machine i have been able hand roll for 20 years but enjoy the ease and uniform joint size and there no variable in the rolls on my reviews